Need a Good Laugh? These Funny Tech Errors Should Do the Trick!

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From time to time as I surf the Internet I run into things that make me laugh. I figured why not start documenting these items since they might make for a funny post later on. So, here’s the first such post featuring screenshots of errors that cracked me up recently. Not sure if you’ll think they are as funny as I did, but if inspiration strikes and you have a funny comment of your own to add, or perhaps a caption, leave it in a comment below! No disrespect meant to any of the companies, products or users featured/represented by the screenshots here… just posted for a good laugh. If you run into any funny screenshots of your own, send them in so we can include them in the next post: dailytekk at gmail dot com.

Beware of Klout’s Lasers

Ya, that should take care of it. How high does my Klout score need to be before I can get my hands on those lasers?!

Nike Fuel Band Sold Out of Large Size

Wait… you mean there are plenty of small bands still available?

Facebook Users Think Facebook is Fad?

I found it surprising and ironic that 444 Facebook users had liked this article on Mashable. I checked today and the number is now over 900!

Oops… Wrong Reflection

This one’s funny because I’m a designer and I’ve probably done something like this before… If you haven’t already done so, check out Ark, a people search startup from Y Combinator.

Friend Me on Facebok

I guess this is the social network for people you don’t actually want to connect with…

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