Neso Beach Tent Review: Worth $89?

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Awhile back I found myself invited to a product launch that took place at the FIVB volleyball world finals in Florida. The one thing I remember was how hot it was! The sand burned my feet the second I removed my sandals. When I wasn’t in the VIP area of the stadium, the one thing I could have used while I was just hanging out on the beach was a beach tent just like the Neso.

The Neso is a beach tent is stakeless, water-resistant tent that provides beach bums with near UV-free shade. So what’s it like to use and should you buy it?

Let’s talk about setup first. Setting up the Neso beach tent is seriously a breeze. That’s mainly because there’s really only four simple steps: unpacking, stretching the tent out flat, filling the anchors with sand (or whatever other natural and heavy materials might be laying around) and propping the tent up with the included poles.

The very first time I set the Neso beach tent up (in my backyard, actually) it only took me about seven minutes start to finish. Now that I’ve got it all figured out I think it will take me about three or four minutes from now on.

And tear-down is equally painless. If this tent was hard to setup or take down, it would be a deal killer (for me, at least). Thankfully that’s not the case.

One thing that’s really great about this tent is just how light it is… it’s SUPER light. That matters because you’ve got to haul it with you to the beach or wherever it is that you’re planning on taking it. If it was heavy, it’d be a pain. Thankfully, it’s like carrying around air (not literally, but truly it’s like carrying nothing — you almost don’t notice it slung over your shoulder when it’s in the included carrying bag).

So if it’s so light… does it blow away when the wind picks up? Nope. I mean, I suppose it could if a strong enough wind came through, but if you anchor it right — including in the right direction — and have the poles position in a way that the tent collects less wind… you’ll be just fine.

I was really surprised at how strong the tent material is considering how light it is. It’s a tough, stretchy fabric that has lots of flex to it. It has to be this way in order to pull taught over the poles.

And the poles themselves are kind of a wonder to behold. Again, they’re super light weight, but they’re also easy to put together and break apart when it’s time to tear down. On the end of the poles that touches the tent itself (rather than the sand) has some round foam to prevent tearing and to hold them tight in place. It’s a solution that works really well. Once in place I never had the tent poles adjust or move on me.

Filling the anchors with sand doesn’t take long and I found the anchors really did a great job staying in place. I actually tried setting up the Neso in my backyard and filled the anchors with the rocks from my landscaping and… it worked great! So this tent can double as a great way to get some shade in your yard as well!

Something you definitely need to know about this tent before you click the buy button is that it’s not very tall. You’re not going to be able to stand up inside (though your kids definitely can). This tent is basically for providing shade while you’re relaxing on a towel (or blanket). A couple low-profile seats could fit under if you’re not super tall.

At most you’re really going to get enough shade and space for two adults (comfortably — three or maybe even four if you squeeze together).

I like that you can easily configure the tent in different ways depending on where you place the poles. You can make an A-frame if you place the poles in the center of the tent or you can create a longer “back” and a shorter “front” by placing the poles closer to one side. If you wanter to, you could even use just one pole for another interesting setup.

Is this beach tent worth $89? Totally. If you need an awesome beach tent that is lightweight, durable, very easy to setup and take down and that fits 2 adults comfortably I wouldn’t even hesitate.

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  • beach tents are the best way to escape from the intense sunlight.The price 89$ mentioned here is too high.Are there more offers like these ?

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