New iPhone: the Best iPhone Cases and iPhone Screen Protector

Today my new iPhone arrives (the iPhone 7 Plus) and I hope I can take care of it better than my last one (the iPhone 6s) which has gotten surprisingly beat up with normal, fairly careful everyday use. My soon to be ex-iPhone has lots of scratches on the front corners (despite always being stuffed in a case) and there are at least two places where the screen has pixel-lighting issues. Something needs to change this time around.

I’d prefer for Apple to make stronger, more indestructible iPhones — and I do suspect the next new iPhone will indeed be demonstrably stronger — but since the current new iPhone is still too fragile for my liking I’m going to be searching for the best iPhone cases and I’ll also be looking for the best iPhone screen protector.

I’d really rather not cover up the iPhone’s beautiful (but tired, and much-copied) form with a case, but at the moment I feel like I really have to. And I’m not excited about adding extra bulk. To me the best iPhone cases are those that are very thin.

And an iPhone screen protector sounds dorky (I know) but at least it’s practically invisible — unlike the actually dorky pocket protector.

Back in the day I used to really enjoy going to the Apple Store, but in the last few years I’ve really only gone for bad reasons: iPhone screen repair, software recovery or fixes… that kind of thing (I do most of my shopping online). Needless to say, the last thing I want to do is block out another half day for an iPhone repair.

And I’m not keen on working with my carrier — T-Mobile — on any iPhone repair issues either. I’ve found that T-Mobile customer service is pretty awful.

So the name of the game is prevention.

Best iPhone Cases

When it comes to the best iPhone cases for me personally there are really only two that I’m considering at the moment.

The first is the super-thin iPhone case from Peel. I’ve used a Peel case before (see my Peel review) and I liked the way it felt (it’s got a little grip whereas other very thin iPhone cases can be quite slippery in my experience). I also like that it’s free of branding and is very affordable.

Edit: I went to order the Peel case today and the black color was sold out. As an alternative I ordered The Scarf from Totallee which also looks insanely thin and provides some much needed grip. I think I’m gonna like it. 

The second is the brand new Mophie modular magnetic case system. It’s the opposite of thin, I’ll grant you, but I’m a sucker for modularity. There’s a base case with a magnetic back that extras — like a wallet or a battery pack — can attach to. It’s more expensive but there are days when my battery usage is through the roof and having the option to snap on some power is somewhat appealing (more appealing than Apple’s ugly Smart Battery Case).

iPhone Screen Protector

There are several usable iPhone screen protectors to choose from. The ones I will consider include the JustMobile Xkin Tempered Glass (which can heal itself from minor scratches), the BoxWave Glass Screenguard (which won’t leave any sticky residue on the iPhone when it’s removed) and the Shark Proof Liquid Glass which you apply in liquid form.

Edit: While I was looking for a new thin case (see above edit) I also found and ordered the amFilm tempered glass screen protector. It’s specifically designed to work with the iPhone’s 3D Touch. 


I’m expecting my iPhone 7 Plus to get damaged unless I get a case and a screen protector for it. My iPhone 6s just had a case and it wasn’t enough.