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Nick Crocker is the founder of Sessions, online health coaching that works.


Growth is good. Really all it comes down to is how quickly you can sustainably grow. All product feature discussions, user surveys, conferences, blog posts – all need to be seen through the lens of ‘how does this help my company grow’.


I think the thing we’ve done really well is always asking our users questions. We have been really comfortable from day one just ringing people and asking them why certain things didn’t work or how they experienced changes to the product. It seems obvious but almost nobody does it. It’s easier to send a survey and sit back and tally the responses, but it’s almost never as valuable.


The night before Rock Health Demo Day we lost all the data in our database and we had to restore it line by line. We were up all night doing it. I remember the sense of dread, just thinking – we’re toast.

That week, the feedback on our pitch had been constantly mediocre – everyone was saying it was flat…

I remember at 5am that morning, going out into the kitchen with the morning light streaming in and taking a deep breath and just deciding to give the pitch another go with everything I had.

Something clicked and for the first time I got it right… We ended up pitching well on the day and to the outside world, nothing had happened but it was a rough 24 hour lead-up for us, no doubt.


A recent one was a woman who came to us inactive, started a walking habit, then did Couch-To-5k and then a year later, crossed the finish line of the NY Marathon with her whole family by her side screaming and cheering.

To see her journey and the thrill she had, is pretty fulfilling.


Before we launched the product, we exchanged more than 50,000 messages with our beta users – we had to be sure what we were doing worked before we let it loose on the public!


Healthcare is the biggest problem we currently face and one of the last remaining areas of society yet to be transformed by technology.

I like working on something where our success has such a tangible impact for our customers.

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