No Doubt: Why Wunderlist is the Very Best iPhone (iOS) Todo List App

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There is no shortage of full-featured, polished todo list apps for iOS: Todoist,, Clear, Due, Things and even Evernote are all popular choices. And so it Wunderlist, the best todo list app for the iPhone (and even for Macs) in my humble opinion.

Let me get this out of the way right away: I’m not a todo list guy. I generally hate over organization and prefer to keep things lean and mean. But with my current workload there’s absolutely no way I can survive without some sort of game plan for getting things I want and need to get done, done.

At the moment I use a variety of awesome productivity apps to power through my workload. Evernote for retaining important information, Apple’s native iOS Reminders app for making quick reminders, Streaks for ensuring I hit important daily goals, Timepage for my Calendar and Drafts for frictionless (quick) writing. These represent 5 of my 6 main productivity apps — all of which I heavily rely on in different contexts and all of which sit at the top of my iPhone’s home screen since I deem them the most important to my workflow. But in the coveted upper left hand (anchor) position on my home screen sits Wunderlist.

There are many things to love about Wunderlist (I guess enough people thought the same thing consider Microsoft scooped it up not long ago).

  • I love how quick and easy it is to enter new items (and to create new lists).
  • I love that there is a fully-functional free version (and that that free version hasn’t had it’s wings clipped in any way that matters in an attempt to get users to upgrade to Pro).
  • I love the drag and drop method of moving an item from one list to another.
  • I love the fact that I can organize lists into folders.
  • I love the reminders.
  • I love that I can add notes and sub-tasks to items (and  that they don’t clutter up the list they live in).
  • I love that lists can be shared with team members (and that items can be assigned individually).
  • I love that team members can comment/discuss items.
  • I really love the ability to add hashtags.
  • I love the ability to mail items to Wunderlist.
  • I love that it’s easy to view completed items (in case you need to remember something you already did).
  • I love that there’s a good (i.e. usable) Wunderlist app for the Apple Watch which I rely upon heavily (and I can’t say the same for many other todo list “apps” currently available for the Apple Watch.
  • I love that Wunderlist on my iPhone syncs with a Mac version so my lists and items are always with me and ready to roll.
  • I love the UI (user interface) design but I only just like the graphic design.
  • I love the smart date stamping (Wunderlist automatically knows that if I use the word “now,” for instance, that an item should be added to the Today todo list.
  • I love the ability to star/flag items (and the ability to customize what that means/does along with the ability to customize other important aspects of how Wunderlist works).
  • I love how stable the app is (that’s important).
  • I even love the sound the app makes when you mark something as done (it’s a really good sound!).

To me, Wunderlist is functional without overdoing it. There’s a very nice balance of power and restraint.

So if you’re looking for the very best todo list app out there, I’d say give Wunderlist a try — especially because it’s free to do so. I think you’ll like what you find.

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