Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker: simple, portable, unique (review)

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Sitting on the desk in front of my is a Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth speaker and I can’t stop listening to. Or staring at it. It’s the biggest of Nude Audio’s Move family of speakers and that of course means that there’s more to love.

I love listening to music on the Move L. There are plenty of crappy Bluetooth speakers out there, but this ain’t one. It’s definitely loud enough to fill the room your in and it’s big enough to provide a satisfying amount of oomph when you’re away from your high-end, crazy-expensive home theater setup. There’s enough punch to give wings to a great bass line from a song like Sugar Ray’s Fly.

Whether it’s classical, rock or rap, I found that it sounds great. I especially like the way acoustic tunes play through on the Move L (like Wild Child’s Pillow Talk, for instance).

While the sound is great (no complaints for a speaker of this size) what I love most is the design.

The speaker’s looks are… unexpected (and that’s a good thing). I say unexpected because it doesn’t look like any other Bluetooth speaker I’ve tested. It has a different feel both literally and figuratively. It’s understated yet stands out all at the same time. This speaker looks better than the Beats pill design and isn’t as traditional as an offering from Bose. I love the available colors and the minimal, to-the-point design.

I don’t want anything complicated from a Bluetooth speaker. I just want it to work, and the Move L works great. I’ve had other Bluetooth speakers, for instance, that have pairing issues. The Move L is a solid performer and never ran into a single performance hiccup or technical issue throughout the entire time I tested it.

Although not billed as a “rugged” speaker, it feels very solid and sturdy to me. It’s got an outer rubber shell that covers the top, bottom and sides and will probably prevent most bumps and bruises and offer a bit of protection against a fall.

In terms of controls, there are a mere four buttons: power, volume up and down and a button for Bluetooth pairing. Simple. Awesome.

Put concisely, this speaker is functional and fun.

Perfectly portable is a great way to describe the Move L (even though it does have some smaller siblings). An awesome mini rope (leash?) comes tied around the corner of the device which you can easily clip a carabiner to. If you’d rather stash it in your favorite pack, it’ll fit there too. It’s really just about the right size. Any bigger and it would be cumbersome to bring along with you. Any lighter and you’d be missing out on the bigger, richer sound it can deliver.

Battery life is eight hours—enough for a full day’s trek through the mountains or for hitting the lake or beach for a day.


If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth speaker that’s small enough to bring with you just about anywhere and big enough to actually bring your music to life, you’ve gotta check out the Move L. It’s simplicity and sharp looks set it apart from the ordinary.

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