Obsessions #4: Five fresh tech finds (via The Open Company)

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Obsessions is a series that asks the engineers and designers behind your favorite tech products to hand-pick their favorite new apps, gadgets, websites and tech accessories.  Today’s obsessions are brought to you by Eric Meltzer, the founder of The Open Company, where he designs well-made everyday goods.

About The Go Bag: The Go Bag is a backpack with all the gear you need to keep yourself and your community safe in the aftermath of a natural disaster. We designed it over the past 2 years by working with ex special forces medics, emergency medicine docs, and disaster recovery specialists. It has over $450 dollars worth of gear in it, and it’s available to pre-order for $225 because this isn’t about money for us: we just want to get as many packs out into the world as possible.

Eric’s Obsessions

App:  Newsblur. It’s a really well made RSS reader. Like a lot of the apps I like, it’s made by one person, and it isn’t free, so you know it’ll still be around in a year or two.

Gadget: My Wacom Intuos tablet. I love using the pen to draw all over things when I’m doing critique.

Website:  Notcot.org is a long time favorite. It’s one of the last remaining independently run design blogs, it has almost no advertising, and the person running it has truly excellent taste.

Accessory: I’m pretty attached to my MacBook Pro. It’s been dropped on every corner, onto every imaginable surface, had multiple things spilled on it, been covered in googley eyes, and yet it still runs great.

Random: I think not enough people know about  Pixa. It’s a photo organizer made specifically with designers in mind, so it’s optimized for massive libraries. I have upwards of ten thousand inspiration and reference images floating around, and Pixa makes it really easy to organize those images.

Image: This is our Go Bag out in the beautiful wilderness of Glen Canyon, San Francisco.

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