Obsessions #7: Five fresh tech finds (via Mixbook)

Obsessions is a series that asks the engineers and designers behind your favorite tech products to hand-pick their favorite new apps, gadgets, websites and tech accessories.  Today’s obsessions are brought to you by Aryk Grosz, the co-founder and CTO of Mixbook (makers of Mosaic and Montage)

About Montage: Montage is a service that allows users to make beautiful photo books with their photos in minutes. Traditionally, services for building books relied on users investing hours to lay out photos and select layouts. Montage does this all for the user automatically. Along with an easy, automated process, Montage’s are also built to lay completely flat when opened and are built with high quality materials, right here in the USA.

Aryk’s Obsessions

App: I’ve been using OrderAhead a lot lately. It saves your credit card and recent orders, so I’m always able to easily order at local restaurants!

Gadget:  Ableton Push.  I like creating music, so an Ableton Push would be high on my list.

Website:  Awwwards and Product Hunt. Ever since Montage got listed on these sites, I’ve been visiting them to get ideas for web design and UX.

Accessory: I like to take short videos with my iPhone from time-to-time, so I just got the  Case Star Octopus Style Portable stand.  It holds my phone so I don’t have to worry about it tipping over and I can also control the angle.

Random: Divvy  is an amazing application to manage windows on your screen. It’s the one app I can’t live without on OSX.

Image: This is a photo of recent Montage books that we made to test the end product. We consistently monitor quality to ensure they are flawless for our end users.

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