Obsessions #1: Five fresh tech finds

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Obsessions is a series that asks the engineers and designers who create your favorite tech products to hand-pick the best new apps, gadgets, websites and tech accessories. Today’s obsessions are brought to you by the Chris McConnell, the Editor of DailyTekk, the technology blog you’re reading right now that recommends the greatest apps and gadgets on the planet.

Chris’ Obsessions

  • App: Horizon is an incredible video app that won’t let you shoot vertical video no matter how much you twist and turn your phone. I love how it makes you a better videographer… automatically. You can actually get some cool and unique effects by turning the camera to crop in or out.
  • Gadget: I can’t get enough of Lyve. It’s a dead-simple photo/video hard drive with 2 TB of storage and a touchscreen. It magically organized all my photos from all my devices and then made them accessible everywhere without taking up any local storage.
  • Website: I’m loving Instructables.com. It’s a DIY and how-to site with really, really cool stuff. You can find out how to create anything from an electric baritone ukulele to a cardboard 8-bit tree that looks like it came out of MineCraft.
  • Accessory: I’m loving my Case [+] iPhone case system from Logitech. Instead of being limited by buying 1 case with one function, you get a variety of cases for a variety of uses. It’s got everything from a wallet case to a backup battery case so it can adapt to your life.
  • Random: I’m sure so many people reading this site already know about it, but I have to say the Panda Chrome extension is a must-use. I love how it gives you easy access to what matters to people who love startups. You get the best of the design and programming worlds in one convenient (and good looking) package.

Image: This is a photo of a few new products Chris has sitting around his office waiting to be reviewed. There’s so many he says he barely knows where to start. He particularly can’t wait to crank up the Nude and Grain Audio speakers for some testing!


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