Obsessions #3: five fresh tech finds (via Roost)

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Obsessions is a series that asks the engineers and designers behind your favorite tech products to hand-pick their favorite new apps, gadgets, websites and tech accessories. Today’s obsessions are brought to you by Burton Miller, CEO of Roost, a Y-Combinator company that builds audience for websites.

About Roost: Roost provides push notifications for websites. Websites grow their push audience 4x faster than Twitter and keep in tight communication with them. Roost works especially well with content publishers and e-commerce. Editor’s note: DailyTekk uses Roost and we love it!

Burton’s Obsessions

App: Weave. It’s like Tinder for professional networking. Its addictive, and you’re sure to find some interesting people to meet.

Gadget: Maybe this is a bit specialized… Tech 21 Character Series Blonde. This is a guitar pedal that you can use as an overdrive with an amp, or directly into a PA. And it sounds like a fender tube-amp—specifically a Blonde. It is pure analog circuitry, but no tube. I am not an expert guitarist, but this thing is amazing. It even makes me sound good!

Website: Tie between Optimizely.com and UserTesting.com. We just started using both recently—Optimizely lets you A/B test ideas on your website without changing the code! And UserTesting.com let’s you test out products and see exactly what is happening to the user. Both are impressive products.

Accessory: I’m itching to get an ‘Automatic’. Check out automatic.com. It’s a gadget that connects to your car’s dataport and gives you updates on your car’s status via bluetooth.

Random: Bikanta.com—This may sound out there, but these guys have invented nano diamonds that will be used to illuminate minuscule particles of cancer.


Image: Homemade smoker. We smoked 9 pounds of pork in it for a party, recently. Made by a local software engineer.

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