Oil Painting Your Photo: Go from Picture to Paint with Paint Your Life (Review)

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There’s something thrilling about having your digital photo turned into an oil painting. Perhaps it’s because photos feel so disposable these days since we take so many using our phones. Or maybe it’s because paintings of oneself seem prestigious somehow. Whatever the reason, portrait paintings — made by going from photo to painting — can be an awesome addition to any home (or office) decor as I recently found out when I tried out a service called Paint Your Life.

This wasn’t the first time I’d used a “paint my photo” service: I once had a California dock painted by another company that turned out great — unfortunately that company recently told me business wasn’t so hot lately. So I went looking for some alternatives and bumped into Paint Your Life on Google.

The sample artwork shown on the homepage looked very promising and there were some service options that made a lot of sense: a money back guarantee, unlimited revisions, online proofing, free shipping and reasonable pricing. When I saw all of this and found that a large portrait could be had for under $300 I was intrigued.

The checkout process — along with the revision and proofing process — was excellent! Better than I would’ve imagined, actually.

During checkout I had the opportunity to provide notes to the artist, I was able to choose a frame type and size and was able to make any changes I might have wanted to before checking out.

The very same day I placed my order (within a few hours, actually), the artist assigned to my account sent me an edited version of the photo I submitted to be painted asking for approval. They wanted to crop the picture in quite a bit and I asked them to retain the entire portrait background, which they did.

A few weeks later my painting arrived in the mail and, as I unwrapped it, a smile came across my face. There I was — on the DailyTekk video set — in oil on canvas. Cool!

I ordered the largest framed painting that could easily be shipped by Paint Your Life: a 24”x36” canvas. The painting arrived well-packed and undamaged (frame and all).

As I’m writing this here paragraph I’m staring at myself staring back at me (in other words I’m looking at the painting) and I’m impressed with the attention paid to detail. Behind ...

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