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Omri Morgnshtern is the CEO and Co-Founder of Qlika, a hyper local marketing management system.


Listen – to your customers in order to understand what they require, to your employees and colleagues to understand what makes them happy and more effective, to your investors to keep them engages and helping.


Regarding everything in a positive way, even if it’s negative. this employee should be fired -> now we have room for another great guy. The results here are not that amazing -> even if that specific direction wouldn’t work, there are so many others that can.


1. Exposure – speak in as many conferences you can, meet as many people as possible. Build your own name and your company name. 2. Have a short term to describe yourself – “micro markets advertising”.


People you know from your past and have worked with. It’s priceless in the beginning.


By getting the first meeting, offering a very generic direction and hear what they have to say. Look for a need. You have to start by offering some solution to something. No one knows how to answer the question – what’s your biggest problem. Then, do what they need in a non scalable way only if you see similarity for a couple of customers.


1. Start in your go-to market – no where else.

2. Raise money only in silicon valley.

3. Don’t give equity for “connections”. Build your network.


I’ve given 13% for “connections” initially. I fixed it eventually but it was dumb, created bad blood, and the worst part is, I never received any real value. Always use a clip (% are start accumulating only after the first year). Connections are almost nothing. Your network is everything.

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