One Of The Best TV Antennas You’ll Ever See

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When you think of a TV antenna, you probably think of a black base with two unsightly extendable metal poles that you would want to hide behind your TV but couldn’t because you have to move it to the most conspicous area in your living room to get any channels to come in.

That’s essentially what I thought of (and had experienced) when it comes to TV antennas prior to getting my hands on the ClearStream Eclipse indoor TV antenna.

But hold up—why would anyone want or need a TV antenna these days. Come on DailyTekk, I thought you guys covered interesting new technology… Well, we do, and, believe it or not, the right TV antenna can fit perfectly into a modern media consuming lifestyle.

Anyone who either doesn’t want to pay for cable TV or doesn’t need to knows this very well. For me, I can either catch most of the shows I care to watch onlne in one form or another or will buy or rent items that I can’t find elsewhere. That said, 90% of TV content I’d want to watch during any given week can be found on free, over-the-air channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX… you know.

Sure, being a tech blogger I’ve got multiple Rokus, Apple TVs, a Tablo, a Netflix subscription, yadda yadda yadda. But some things aren’t particularly streaable: I’m looking at you sports games. And since I can DVR my favorite sitcom (yes there are over-the-air DVRs available, like a Tablo)… I really don’t need cable, myself. But oh how I miss Aereo.

But what I do need for a complete setup is a great TV antenna. And when I say I’m looking for a great TV antenna, I basically mean somethign non-hideous that gets really great reception.

The first of a few that I plan on giving a try is the ClearStream Eclipse which has a very nontraditional aesthetic.

It’s basically a thin round ring with a small raised base (where the coax cable is attached) that can be stuck (yes, stuck) just about anywhere. You can stick it to a wall or a window without any issues (even a textured wall gave me no problems).

I like that fact that it’s white. I’ve got white walls so it blends in to it’s surroundings much better than the old black unwieldily beast I previousl had which I described in the first paragraph of this post.

As soon as I plugged the ClearStream Eclipse in I was impressed. Previously hard to receive channels came in crystal clear. It’s a powerful little sticky ring of an antenna.

So it looks good and works great. Is there anything I don’t like about it? My one gripe is that it can only be used with one cable—the built-in cable it comes with. As I mentioned above, I’ve got a Tablo DVR and using this antenna means I can either watch TV live or let the Tablo record—not both at once, which means remembering to move the cord back and forth.

For me, it’s an untenable situation. But for most people, this may be the best antenna solution I can think of. I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone but a Tablo user.

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