One Of The Most Annoying Things In Life Just Got Fixed—Thanks MyTime

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Let’s say I want a haircut. I don’t want my hair chopped by some rando, I want my regular haircutter. But I hate calling to make an appointment. I just do. I mean almost everything else I do can be done without making a call. This isn’t the early nineties; nobody calls a phone number for the date and time anymore. Why should I have to call a business to make an appointment? Well, thanks to MyTime, I don’t. MyTime is the easiest way to find and book appointments (online) with over 2 million local businesses, 24/7.

This means that whether you want to get your oil changed, hire a handyman, make a dentist appointment, get your pet groomed or work with a personal trainer, you can now:

  1. Go online to browse businesses, dates and times.
  2. Book appointments—even when businesses are closed!
  3. Save money (up to 60%) by choosing off-peak times.
  4. Pay via MyTime (but you won’t be charged until the time of the appointment.
  5. Cross it off your list—the business will be expecting you.
  6. Cancel or reschedule anytime.

Ethan Anderson, MyTime’s founder and CEO, says, “We know consumers want the ability to check availability and book appointments online, especially with their mobile phones, but unfortunately many small businesses can’t offer this today. Consumers end up needing to call around during business hours to book an appointment – something that’s time-consuming and often frustrating. MyTime is finally bringing the instant gratification that consumers get from companies such as Uber and OpenTable to the local services industry.”

MyTime is already making a splash in people’s busy lives. Take a busy mom named Keisha from Texas, for instance. Keisha needed to schedule an eye exam for herself and her husband but with her hectic work schedule, she kept putting off making the appointment since the eye doctor was only open during the hours she was at work. Once Keisha discovered MyTime, she was able to book both appointments quickly at times that didn’t conflict with either her or her husband’s schedule. She told MyTime, “Y’all are so wonderful. Thank you so much! It’s so hard to find time to make phone calls with work. Y’all make things happen.”

If you read this far you are about to be glad because there’s one feature that just made me drool a little bit. It’s called MyTime Favorites and it allows you to book ...

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