Panabee Helps Entrepreneurs Pick the Right Business Name

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Sometimes the hardest part of starting a new company is picking out a decent name, especially with startup valuations rising and more people launching companies. Twitter and Foursquare investor Fred Wilson once noted, a “good domain name is an important success factor in building and launching” certain businesses. You can spend hours upon hours dreaming up clever names only to find out that someone has already registered the top level domain name you wanted. So you try again and again and again growing ever more frustrated throughout the process till you’re just about to break and you either decide to try again another day, come up with something totally goofy and off-the-wall or make a poor choice based on what you thought were the available options.

That’s where Panabee comes in. Built for entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers, it’s a tool that helps you quickly and simply generate naming ideas for domains, businesses, and mobile apps. Panabee acts like a patient brainstorming partner, helping to stir your inner creativity when stuck on a new name. It re-mixes syllables to offer name variations, shows related terms, and displays related comments from Facebook and Twitter in an effort to stimulate ideas through word association.

It also acts like a domain search engine because it shows the .COM domain availability for many of these names. A useful sidebar searches the availability of other popular TLDs, such as .LY, .IO, and .NET. This sidebar also intelligently breaks down your search term (e.g., citrus), determines if the last few letters qualify as a TLD, and searches the availability of the resulting domain (e.g.,

Yes, there are other services that will help you pick a name, but Panabee is the coolest I’ve seen to date. Plus, the team behind the site has a great sense of humor. That’s all well and good, but my favorite feature is that they won’t steal your domain name ideas. Other services do (it’s happened to me before and it’s probably happened to you).

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