Passible: the best password management app, hands-down (review)

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Passwords are the bane of digital existence. They’re a pain to remember, they’re hackable and there’s way too many of them. Until I came across the simple, secure and design-driven password management solution Passible (free to $9.99 per year for premium version), I hated all password managers more than the passwords they attempted to manage.

Passible somehow manages to take a mundane function like storing passwords and make it almost pleasant. I mean, no matter how you spin it, passwords are a major pain, but Passible is the closest thing to password aspirin I’ve seen. The only way it could be better is if it didn’t have to exist at all, but since that’s not the case, I’d absolutely recommend Passible over all other password management solutions I’ve tried to-date (which includes Dashlane and 1Password).

You’d expect any password manager to have some basic features including strong encryption. Passible has everything you’d expect (and more) so I’m not going to waste time ticking off every security feature. Just rest assured it’s as secure as any other password manager out there.

The greatness of this app really is it’s design and user interface. Above all else it is very usable, something I can’t say for the competition mentioned above. By usable I mean it looks (really) good, it’s fast and just works. No glitches (at least that I’ve run into yet), no drawn-out process to see a password.

Aside from usability, there are a few nice extras. My favorite is probably the favorites feature which lets you quickly access up to 6 of your most used accounts as soon as you open up the app. One thing I’ve always hated in other password managers is how hard it can be to sort through hundreds of passwords to find the one you’re looking for. This makes it much, much easier because there are some accounts (like Gmail accounts) that I need to access more frequently (to connect with different services or apps on my phone, for instance).

“Peeking” is another great way to get to the info you need faster. Rather than tapping on an account to see it in it’s entirety, you can swipe (aka peek) an account to see the relevant underlying info such as a password or PIN number (for credit cards or ATMs).

One last feature that helps you get to the info you need quicker is the rapid search which begins suggesting hits after you type just a couple of letters.

Like other password managers there’s the ability to audit your passwords which is a good way to see how strong your current batch is and whether or not you need to make some changes.

One nice feature (available to pro users) is the option to have your data backed up. This is good because you don’t want to be out of luck if someone steals your phone (or if it gets lost). Passible claims that nobody can see your data (including Passible) except for you, although you never know these days what governments are capable of. Even so, a nice feature for people who are more inclined to make frequent stops at lost and found counters.

Finally, to top everything off, let me mention the ability to group accounts/passwords in an organizational hierarchy that makes sense to you. This makes it easy to group accounts by category (like shopping or email or social). Some password managers try to force their own hierarchy on you… this app lets you do what you want.


Passible is a password management app that works good and looks even better that belongs in the, “It’s about time,” category. If you need to access your passwords as quickly as possible, this is going to be your dream come true. You can tell developers actually care about users when they go above and beyond to make something not just functional but beautiful. This app is as beautiful as a password manager can be.

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