PC Mag Names DailyTekk As A Top 100 Website of 2014

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Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.53.56 AMToday as I was exploring DailyTekk’s analytics I saw some new traffic coming from PC Mag. When I clicked the referring link to explore I was delighted to find out that PC Mag had named DailyTekk as one of their top 100 websites of 2014.

The author describes the websites listed as, “new websites that might change everything,” and, “classics we can’t live without.” Since DailyTekk has only been around since 2012 (and is by no means mainstream with traffic reaching about 2-3m visits yearly) I can only assume it fits within the “websites that might change everything” category. I certainly think so. This, in combination with the recent feature on Product Hunt, tells me DailyTekk is on the right track.

The author describes DailyTekk as having a wealth of quality info and lists the site under the “Undiscovered: Tech” category. Listed alongside DailyTekk are The Wirecutter, Canva and Ghost. Thanks Eric Griffith and PC Mag! It’s an honor to make your list and we appreciate the recognition more than you know.

Of course DailyTekk is no stranger to top 100 lists. Every year I publish my own list of the 100 best, most interesting blogs and websites of the year (this year marks 4 years and counting). This year it’s a pleasure to be on the receiving end.

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  • Chris,

    Moving around for helpful WordPress blogs in google, I had come across your site .Really new to WordPress platform. The article “The 100+ Best WordPress Resources for 2015” helped me in picking up whats needed

  • Wow, I am quite surprised you have been only around since 2012! I have ran into your blog many times, mostly from Google of course. Your site design is beautiful and very modern looking, plus the content you share. Keep up the awesomeness!

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