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Millions of products. Thousands of stores. Instant personalization. That is what you get with an app called Sift. We all know that email was never designed for shopping; so its not surprising that sales and deals you care about may go unread in email. Sift helps you save tons of time and money by aggregating all of you shopping and deal-related emails into a beautiful, catalog-like experience.

“One of the most common things we hear our users tell us is ‘I can’t believe that [sale] was in my email. I would have missed it!'” says Saurin Shah, a co-founder of Sift. Sift makes it easy to find shopping deals in your email and makes it beautiful and fun to browse. One person uses Sift to shop in the real world—for examples, one person was at the mall and used the Sift app to browse the promotions for her favorite stores before going to them. She later told Sift that she saved a ton of money by using the app—and that, left to email, she would have completely missed out.

“Recently we debuted a new feature called Shopping Circles with the launch of our iPhone app. Shopping Circles is the first of its kind in ecommerce—and it makes it easy for users to shop for family and friends (kids, spouses, boyfriends, friends, nephews & nieces, etc.),” says Shah. “One of our users tried Shopping Circles and was ecstatic to find cool products she had not thought of for her kids and her husband. She then commented that her husband should download the app so that he’d have a “clue” on what she might like in return!”

Here’s how Shah says it all got started. “A couple years back, I noticed my wife and sister-in-law shopping on their laptops and trying to replicate the behavior on their tablets. They were frustrated. Not only did they not want to download a bunch of different shopping apps (one for each store), but having multiple tabs for each store in the tablet browser was difficult and complicated. I also noticed their inbox – it was full of shopping emails. They looked at the top one or two and ignored or deleted the rest. Sift was born to make shopping easy and fun on mobile devices.”

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