Phablets Are Stupid (The Smaller The Better)

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Phablets are stupid. I don’t like them. If I had my way, “the next big thing” would be small. Well, smaller than a Galaxy Note, for sure, and honestly, smaller than the Galaxy S4. Really, it would be about the size of the current iPhone (5c and 5s at the time of writing). It’s pretty darn near the perfect screen size in my estimation.

I want my phone to fit comfortably in my pocket. I prefer that it remain as mobile as possible. I rarely use my phone for watching movies or TV shows. If I watch a video, it’s short (YouTube). Aside from making calls, listening to music, playing a game or catching up on the latest news, my smartphone is my camera. I’m not a professional photographer, but I love not having to lug around a clunky DSLR with me to get a decent photo. I hate it when people use an iPad to take a picture. It’s just not natural. A phablet is really no better.

A friend recently switched from an iPhone to a Note. He said he wanted to be able to take notes on it during meetings. I assume he meant write notes out on the screen using the stylus. I love my iPad Air as much as anyone can, but it’s not all that great (yet) at taking handwritten notes. It’s not. Not even in Penultimate with an Adonit Evernote Edition stylus (the thinnest tip on the market with palm-rejection technology). I can’t imagine for one second that taking notes on the poorly named Note is going to be any better.

Phablets really serve no purpose other than making insecure (and gullible) people feel like they have something the next person doesn’t. All the pods out there simply accept whatever companies like Samsung, HTC and Nokia throw at them. Bigger is almost never better when it comes to smartphones.

It brings to mind the famous Steve Jobs quote about people (the target audience) not always knowing what they want. He assumed, correctly in many cases, that he knew better than his customers what they actually needed and wanted. Case in point? The Galaxy Note. If you need further proof that Samsung doesn’t really get it, look down at your wrist and see if there’s a Galaxy Gear wrapped around it.

I hope that Apple has the guts to stick to a smaller iPhone ...

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