Photo Geeks Rejoice! 100+ Photography Resources, Inspirations and Services

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If you’re a regular reader of DailyTekk you’ve probably figured out that I love to create useful and comprehensive resources on a given subject and on this particular occasion I’ve focused my gaze on the subject of digital photography. I believe that the result is one of the best posts I’ve created to date. I really went out of my way to try to find some new photography resources that pros and noobs alike probably haven’t seen or heard of before. The post starts off with 10 random and cool must-see photo services if you are just looking for a quick fix and progresses through places to find photography techniques and tips, awesome and inspiring photo galleries, explores photo sharing services, blogs about photography, portfolio building tools, ways you can sell your photos, iPhone photography, photojournalism sites and ways to create prints and art from your photos. It’s a pretty massive post but it’s easy to scan because I put a lot of thought into organization. As always, don’t forget to check out the “Other and Miscellaneous” section at the end where there’s some cool stuff that didn’t fit in elsewhere. Despite all my research it’s possible that I missed something cool that deserves to be mentioned here on this list so please leave me a comment to let me know what else is out there!

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10 Random and Cool Photo Services

  1. Expono – Photo backup, sharing, social features, GPS integration and more.
  2. Viewbug – A community which awards, promotes and shares photography.
  3. PhotoPivot – Flickr like you’ve never seen before.
  4. PurePhoto – Photo community for sharing and selling your work.
  5. Photic – Constructive criticism and feedback platform for photographers.
  6. Mosaic – Backup your photos to the cloud and access them anywhere.
  7. – Professional lab, albums, books, eCommerce.
  8. Floggia – Upload, follow and discover great photos, topics and people.
  9. The Best Camera – Sharing and appreciating the best in mobile photography.
  10. 7Moments

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