Pocket passport: 5 best travel apps according to flightHub

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Many people who are hitting the road these days are doing so with the help of smartphones and tablets. While some people look down on being connected while taking time off, at the end of the day technology makes your life easier. This is just as true while on vacation. I wanted to find out what the best travel apps are so I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency. They provided me with a list of apps they recommend to travellers who are heading out on a tech-assisted vacation.

Google Maps

The golden standard of navigation apps. Google Maps is one of the most popular apps of all time, and for good reason. This navigation app is guaranteed to get you from point a to point b quickly and efficiently. What makes it great for travellers is that certain maps are available for download, meaning you can use this app data free if you plan ahead and download city maps before you head out on vacation.


Don’t want to drive? Uber is the best solution outside of public transit. Going from city to city on vacation means different cities, different roads, and unfortunately different cab companies. Uber is a ride-sharing program that makes it easy to get from one place to another for less than a usual cab and also without requiring different currencies, tip money, or credit cards.

Converter Plus

For those who are concerned about the almighty dollar, Converter Plus is a currency conversion app that easily allows you to see what your dollar is worth in different countries. In addition to money, Converter Plus also converts all kinds of units of measurement, meaning you don’t need ti worry about pesky degrees or miles when on vacation. Lastly, tip calculator. Not sure how much to leave on the table? Use this app to quickly calculate an appropriate tip.

Packing Pro

For the obsessive compulsive in your life, Packing Pro is the ultimate packing checklist. FlightHub’s review cited this app as the most complete listing app for the perpetual traveller saying that while there are many listing apps out there, this one is purpose built for travelling.


An infinite notepad, Evernote allows you to save notes, images, emails, and more. FlightHub cited this app as being the best way to keep track of itineraries, reservation numbers for flights and hotels, and contact information for family and friends.

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  • Check out an app called Simply Declare. This app is built for the world traveler and we find it one of our go to travel apps

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