Polaroid Z2300 Retro-Funky Print Camera

Tweet! Polaroid is bringing back the insta-print cam in a retro-funky way. #tekkfind

$159.99 | BUY

Cool: For a camera with a built-in printer, the Z2300 has a pretty compact form factor (especially compared to it’s older sibling the Z340). Prints take only about 30 seconds to complete and are close to the size of a business card, but that’s where the magic is at in this retro-looking camera. Let’s face it, you are not going to buy this product for the spectacular quality since you’re only going to get 10 megapixel resolution on stills and can only shoot 720p video; this camera is for fun. Printing takes place using ZINK (which stands for zero ink) paper.

Useful: It seems as if this camera is perfect for a college student who wants to keep photos of friends and life hanging around and liberated from their smartphone. Also ideally suited for live events (such as weddings or galas) or families with younger kids.