Polymail Looks Like The Best Mac Email App That Ever Existed

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My mind has just been blown by a new Mac email app called Polymail that does everything I’ve ever dreamed an email app could/should do and looks good in the process. It may sounds weird to be drooling over the possibility of using a new email app — on a Mac nonetheless (it’s not even on mobile) — but drool I am. Update: I got a chance to review Polymail — see what I thought!

I’ve been searching for the best new email app for Macs for a few months now and I’ve been really disappointed by what I’ve found. Postbox was… slow… and ugly. Boxy (a well-made Google Inbox client for Macs) is really nice but limited (yes, it’s email re-imagined, but it’s lacking some features I’d love to see). I’ll do a full review of Boxy soon. The list goes on — and so does my disappointment. But with Polymail I’m now disappointed for a different reason entirely: I can’t use it yet (and I’m DYING to). I’ve reached out to the Polymail team to see about hooking up a review, but in the meantime here’s everything I know and want to love about Polymail.

Polymail looks to be a very simple email app that does a lot. Does that sound contradictory? It’s not. It’s genius. Maybe a better way to say it is this: Polymail is an easy to use app thanks to a gorgeously simple interface despite being perhaps the most powerful email app on the planet. How’s that?

Polymail hosts some of the best (and coolest) email features I’ve seen scattered throughout various email apps and Chrome plugins all in one convenient place. There’s email tracking, read later (snooze/scheduling), send later, the ability to unsend email to make corrections, one-click unsubscribe for escaping evil newsletters, detailed contact information/profiles and what looks like a gorgeous, modern interface. Why hasn’t someone done this before?

Until now it seems like someone has had an idea about a great new email feature and builds a new email app around that one idea. The effect is that you end up with virtually the same email interface with one shiny new feature. And there have been a dozen email apps floating around out there each with one shiny new feature. I found myself switching email apps (especially on my phone) constantly trying them all out attempting to figure out which one was really the best. And the answer was… none of them. So I parked myself in Google’s Inbox app on my iPhone and Boxy on my Mac longing for one app that brought all the best email features together in once place. An app like Polymail.

At the moment you can only grab a place in line to get early access, but do yourself a favor and get in line now. This looks amazing: let’s just hope it works as good as it looks. If it does, this will be without a doubt the best email app to have ever existed (in my opinion).

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