Polymail review: yes this is the very best Mac email app

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Update: I’ve written a new article detailing the best Mac (and iOS) email app that I believe is currently the best which you can read here.

Not long ago when I discovered Polymail I wrote a news piece about it saying it looked like the best Mac email app to have ever existed. I said in that article that I was dying to use it and now that I have been using it for a couple of weeks I am able to write up a full review. In a nutshell, Polymail is easily the best email app for Mac (that claim definitely holds up) thanks to a clean design and a TON of really useful and interesting features — but being the best isn’t the same as being perfect. This is still very much a beta project and whether or not you should get it now or wait for a public release will depend on a few factors.

So Many Great Features

What sets Polymail apart from all other email apps for Mac users is the huge feature set. Over the years lots of different email products have surfaced, many of which offered one unique and innovative new feature on top of the “regular” email experience. Well Polymail unabashedly takes the best of those ideas and combines them into one convenient super-app — just like I’ve been wishing would happen for what seems like forever now. For someone who gets a lot of email (when you’re a tech blogger you get a LOT of pitches on top of your normal email workload) it’s basically a dream come true.

Polymail may be in beta mode, but it actually feels a lot more polished than a beta product (although it isn’t quite bug free — more on that later).

In order, here are my favorite features of Polymail:

I really love the unsubscribe button. I get put on a lot of crappy email lists and there are several that make unsubscribing hard or near impossible. And I’ll admit I sign up for several services every month (for personal use or to write about) that I know will end up spamming me. Being able to easily unsubscribe from right within Polymail is a thing of beauty. And what’s even cooler is that it works on several of those hard to unsubscribe newsletters I just mentioned. That is awesome.

I really love being able ...

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