Popclik Review: Fun, Colorful, Unique Headphones, Earphones and Speakers

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I’ve tested more than my fair share of headphones, earphones and speakers both in my personal life and for DailyTekk. After awhile features and traits begin to blend together and it gets tough to recall a particular brand or model. That’s why it’s such a surprise to find a brand or product whose features or traits actually stand out a bit.

Well for the past several days I’ve been delighting my eardrums with a brand I’m sure you’ve probably never heard of but am proud to introduce you to: Popclik.

Popclik approached me about a sponsored review (I’m always upfront about these things) and, while I was previously determined NOT to review any headphones or speakers for awhile, paid or unpaid, there was something about Popclik that clicked with me.

It’s the big stuff, sure—the baseline stuff that matters. The sound is great, for example; I have no complaints in the audio department. The quality is sturdy too.

But it’s also the small stuff—the unexpected stuff—that, when added together, make a big overall difference.

If I had to describe Popclik’s products in just 3 words, here’s what I’d give you: fun, colorful and unique.

I LOVE discovering tech products that other people around me don’t necessarily know about yet. When a product becomes too mainstream, I usually like to move on (unless the product is so amazing I can’t peel myself away, like Apple’s products).

Well Popclik was new to me and new to everyone I know. They’re more well known in South and Central America. I can’t tell you if I’m the first person in America to wear these cans on my ears, but I know I won’t be the last.

One of the best things about Popclik has to be the product design. I love the grays accented by bright reds, blues, oranges.

On the desk right in front of me is an Airy Power, a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a power bank so you can recharge your mobile gear on the go. It’s got a bright red metal grill covering the front. It’s wild! It’s meant to be seen in addition to being heard. The designer in me likes that. The buttons on the Airy Power don’t stick out. They’re flush with the top. I like that too. It’s easy to use but it’s minimal at the same time.

On my ears right now? The Jump Pro model of headphones by Popclik. Man, these things are comfortable! I hate, hate, hate it when earphones smash my ears—you can only take so much of that. That’s exactly the opposite of what I want on a long flight.

As comfortable as these headphones are, they sound even better. Bass pounds and highs and lows register without sonic degradation. I’ve got my song controls and a mic so I can take phone calls conveniently without taking off the headphones.

If you’re a person who enjoys ditching the status quo (i.e. Beats and Bose) then Popclik might be perfect for you. You can’t yet wander into a local Target, Walmart or Best Buy to pick up a pair and that means nobody else you know is likely to have a pair.

I’m glad I agreed to check out Popclik. I recommend you check them out too if you’re looking for affordable quality and unique, fun product design.

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