Popular Smartphone Accessories for Increased Enjoyment and Productivity

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Ten years ago, few people were privy to the impending revolution in mobile computer technology. The smartphone and tablet have since taken the world by storm. These devices enable people to experience media, conduct business, and communicate with friends and loved ones in an interactive way from virtually anywhere within proximity of a WiFi signal or cell tower.

The devices themselves are just the beginning. Take popular smartphone accessories for example. These nifty add-ons can not only make media more enjoyable, but also boost productivity levels for students and workers:

Screen Protection and Cases

The trade off for having a miniaturized computer with an interactive screen small enough to fit in your front pants pocket is the device’s fragility. One bad drop or spill can ruin the high tech machine. This promotes a very restricted use of these potentially incredibly useful devices.

Making an investment in superior smartphone protection is key for pushing these gadgets safely to their physical limits. A screen protector with a reputation for strength combined with an equally durable case can allow a smartphone user to bring her device into the field and around the family without worrying about damage and destruction. The result is increased focus on the things that matter, and a smartphone readily available to assist in getting them finished fast.

Headphones and Earbuds

Visit any gas station or drug store and you won’t be in want of earbud and headphone options. However, most of these brands are unrecognizable and buying them quickly leads to disappointment; the sound is faded, scratchy, or unequal. In some cases the sound gives out completely in one ear, leading you to momentarily wonder if you’re going deaf.

Investing in well made earbuds is a smart decision. The same goes for headphones which connect properly with your particular device. The high quality of the sound will initially shock anyone used to the “gummy” lineup.

Camera Lenses

The cameras included with today’s smartphones are absolutely amazing. They allow users to capture professional grade imagery in an instant. However, they do have their limits, mainly in the zoom feature and focal length.

Fortunately for any aspiring iPhone Ansel Adams out there, connectable external lenses exist to dramatically alter the camera’s perspective. This adds an extra layer of professionalism to shots taken with a smartphone.

Virtual Reality

As far as 2016 is concerned, few smartphone add ons seem to offer as much potential for excitement as virtual reality headsets. The biggest hurdle facing the advancement of VR technology has been overcoming the propensity for users to experience nausea, but recent developments have limited the likelihood of VR causing motion sickness.

The options are limited for now, because the technology is relatively new, but expect a whole new generation of apps and digital services cropping up around VR headset usage. Whether it’s simulated space travel or deceptively convincing deep sea diving, the sky is not even the limit when it comes to VR going forward.

Most of us ten years ago would not have guessed how popular and useful our cell phones would become in the decade to follow. However, the mobile technological revolution is now underway, with companies racing to design and develop accessories to go along with our smartphones. Consumers can use these add ons to not only boost the excitement factor of their mobile devices, but also help make themselves a little more productive as well.

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