PowerCube review: turn your outlets into colorful multi-device charging havens

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I’ve been on the hunt for ways to charge many devices at once lately because I’ve added a lot of gadgets to my life lately. Most recently I took a look at the Blue Dot Juice Box, a sleek, upscale charging station. If you’re looking for a cheaper  way to charge multiple devices (via USB or regular two or three-pronged power cords) thats also ridiculously easy to setup look no further than the PowerCube ($19.95).

The PowerCube, which comes in a variety of colors and options, is literally a small cube that plugs into a normal wall outlet. Each side of the cube has either an additional outlet or a couple USB ports (depending on the model you purchase). It’s a pretty ingenious way to turn one outlet into 5 (or 5) or to add some easily accessible USB ports where you need to.

One awesome feature is the ability to plug multiple cubes together to create a bigger configuration. You can literally expand the capabilities any way you can imagine.

If you need your PowerCube to reach a bit further, no worries, because there’s a special extended edition for that as well.

The PowerCube is a smart way to beef up your outlet’s capabilities simple, affordably and with a nice splash of color.

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