10 Powerful Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Where there’s big data there’s big responsibility and if you’re the one tasked with monitoring and understanding a major brand’s impact on the digital continent (social media) then you better have some powerful tools to help you get the job done. There are literally hundreds of professional social media tools to choose from and new social media trends are popping up all the time. Here I’ve gathered 10 of the very best enterprise-grade social media monitoring tools. Monitoring is of course just one small piece of the social media professional’s arsenal, but it’s certainly one of the most important.

So, monitor what? Brand or product mentions, industry influencers engagement, trends, environments, decisions, sentiment, impact by geography and much more. Since there are so many social media platforms, data normalization is key. These are the types of duties that smaller monitoring tools can’t handle. Check out the recommendations below, see who’s already using each solution and get a feel for which solution suits you best.

Did I exclude any of your favorites? Do you use any of the products below? What has your experience been? Leave a comment to let me know.

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DataSift is a powerful and scalable platform for managing large volumes of information from a variety of social media data sources.


Netvibes provides dashboard intelligence for professionals, brands and enterprises. Real-time monitoring and limitless personalization. Used by: HP, Edelman, Nestle.


uberVU provides enterprise social media monitoring, management and analytics with advanced location monitoring and realtime trends. Used by: Ogilvy, NBC, 3M.


Brandwatch offers tools for social media monitoring and engagement. Used by: Cisco, HSBC, Mediacom.


MutualMind is an enterprise social media management system that offers powerful listening and intelligence tools that drives business actions. Used by: P&G, Cinemark, Alcatel-Lucent.


Attentio lets you discover what the world is saying about your brand or product through a powerful dashboard solution. Used by: Disney, Phillips, Lexus.


Sysomos is business intelligence for social media. Listen, measure, understand and engage. Used by: Nike, McDonalds, BBC.


Visible offers enterprise social media monitoring, analytics and engagement. Used by: Microsoft, Xerox, FedEx.


Engagor offers intelligent social media management. Used by: Volvo, Red Bull, Johnson & Johnson.


ethority turns social media data in profit. Monitoring, research and performance. Used by: Brita, Axor, Aida.

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