POWERGO-GO Review: I’m Addicted to this Wireless iPhone Charging System

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I’m really — really — excited about POWERGO-GO. It’s a set of iPhone accessories that will dock and charge your phone wirelessly. Yes, plenty of Android devices have built-in wireless charging and yes there is at least one other magnetic docking system I can think of, but for iPhone users POWERGO-GO brings together the best of both worlds. As I tech reviewer I see a lot of gadgets each week and I have to say I was surprised at how much I have enjoyed using this system; I expected it to be interested and maybe even cool, but I didn’t expect it to be as compelling as it is.

The POWERGO-GO system consists of an iPhone case, a dock, a car dock, a portable battery and a charging cord and everything snaps together magnetically (which is really awesome in real-world use). Also, the wireless docking doesn’t just charge your phone; it can sync data as well. The case is the main draw, of course, and you can choose to power it any way you’d like: but you’ll need at least one charger. I tested all of the above.

My test device is the brand new iPhone 6s. The Powergo-go set I got was technically for the iPhone 6 but is completely compatible with the 6s; I’ve had no issues.


One thing I don’t like — or at least that I think needs improvement — is the look and design of the iPhone case. It’s okay, but it adds quite a bit of bulk to the phone. If you know anything about me (if you’ve read any of my iPhone case reviews from the last 12 months) you know I prefer my iPhone cases to be as minimal as possible. I hate bulky. And this case is pretty bulky (similar to a battery case). And yet I can’t hate it because it’s so useful. Put differently, the function is good enough that I’ll gladly forgive the form. And I’m sure that in coming years and iterations the next versions of the POWERGO-GO case will be ever thinner and sleeker.

But that’s about where my griping stops. I like just about everything else about POWERGO-GO.

The case is easy to install. The buttons are easy enough to access and press. It’s not slippery or difficult or uncomfortable to hold. The case does cover up the phone’s speakers on the bottom but does a good job redirecting the sound (forward, actually) which actually makes it seem a bit louder at times. Many people won’t like the headphone jack situation: many, if not most, non-Apple headphones are not going to fit. There’s quite a tunnel from the bottom of the case through to the phone’s jack.


One important thing people should know which actually isn’t all that obvious is that the POWERGO-GO case is not a battery case. All it does is facilitate wireless charging. So you won’t get extra battery life by using this case (aside from charging it). That disappointed me a bit because I guess I assumed the case did both. As it is, it’s a lot of bulk to carry around that isn’t adding any value (other than protection) until you need to charge or dock your phone.

The dock is great. It’s angled so that you can see the screen better while it’s charging. I think the desk is the optimal place for it. Because it’s got a blue ring of light around the bottom to let you know when it’s charging, the dock is’t necessarily the best choice for a nightstand charging solution (as the light is very bright and might very well keep you up; I couldn’t sleep with it).

The car dock can be mounted to the window or dash. I mounted it to the window of my car and it sticks in place very firmly. You can swivel the phone around while it’s docked and the magnet it strong enough that your phone won’t fall of on bumpy roads. But, speaking of bumpy roads, if the road is too bumpy the charging connection can switch on/off frequently: on/off, on/off, on/off. It’s not a big deal and it happens only rarely in my experience. Most roads are plenty smooth for smooth charging.

One mildly annoying aspect of the car dock is the cord that stretches from your car’s outlet to the dock. In my car it stretches over my nav screen and several buttons. The irony of course is that you’re having to use a cord to achieve wireless charging. But the real benefit of the car dock (aside from the obvious charging) is the quick docking. You can dock and undock your phone so fast: it’s great.


There’s a portable battery back that you can buy to charge your phone on the go. Perfect for plane rides. There’s a groove where you can insert a coin to prop up the battery when it’s attached to your phone case to turn it into a stand.

The regular power cord is very similar to a lightning power cord. If you charge your phone by your bed this is probably the setup you’ll want.

The problem with POWERGO-GO is that proprietary systems force you to make trade offs. It’s the same with any specialized iPhone case or accessory system. Also, you have to buy all the accessories to get the most out of it.

Frankly I love POWERGO-GO. There are a few shortcomings but I’m more than willing to look past them for the convenience. The wireless charging alone would be a great feature. The magnetic docking alone would be a great feature. The fact that you get both is a killer feature.

This is the first bulky case that has me seriously rethinking my commitment to thin, ultra-minimalistic cases. Until and unless something better comes my way, POWERGO-GO will be my goto case (and system) heading into the future. It’s truly great.

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