Professional Organizers Invite DailyTekk Founder to Speak at Event

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The Colorado chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) held an awesome meeting last night at the Design Within Reach store in Cherry Creek (Denver) and I was privileged to be an invited speaker. I met some great people as I presented about using tech to reduce digital clutter. Actually, Mandy P., the event’s coordinator, had seen one of our notorious top 100 posts (Use Tech to Get Organized: The 100 Best Tools, Websites, Apps and More) which prompted the invitation. The location was very cool–most events I’ve been to in the past have been held in a drab hotel or convention center. It was great to be in such a progressive and modern atmosphere. The atmosphere was very relaxed and engaging as people were sitting on the store’s cool and comfy furniture. Thank you to Mandy for inviting me and thanks to everyone who attended!


As promised, I’ve got some excellent freebies to give away to the group that attended (sorry audience at large, this is only open to attendees–but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of chances to enter one of our regular giveaways). To enter, simply leave a comment below between 8 and 5 today describing which product you’re interested in, how you want to use it and why you should get it. The best comments will win. In total I’ve got 4 licenses to give away. Here’s what’s up for grabs:, which offers project management and cloud collaboration, is giving away 1 free lifetime account which will include up to 10 users and unlimited everything else (projects, deals and storage). Their starting plan is $49 per month, so this has some serious value. Rule is my favorite project management solution. The design is amazing.

MindMesiter, a mind mapping solution, is giving away 3 pro licenses which include unlimited mind maps, the ability to manage multiple users, the ability to share your mind maps, custom branding and stats. MindMeister’s mind mapping tool is the coolest one I’ve ever seen and it’s used by heavyweights such as CNN, Philips and Oracle.

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  • Good Morning Chris! I really enjoyed your “Tekk” info at last night’s NAPO meeting. Personally, I will be looking into using Evernote but am grateful to have learned about all the other organizing tools available to my tech savy clients. As an organizer, I tend to think less is more though. Also, I have to admit that I am alittle scared of the tech world because it seems to have no bounds. I wonder if there is an end to how involved these “apps” can be in our human lives and if soon people won’t be able to function without them? If and when I decide to have children, am I going to have to purchase it an IPad or IPhone as a first gift just to communicate with it? (I hope people find this funny….:)) What do you think we should expect from the tech world in the near future? Any who…last night I appreciated your confidence in your business most of all. I like to think that I project such confidence in my professional organizing business and I will use last night’s experience to continue to aspire! Good luck with everything you are doing! If I had to choose a freebee it would be the
    Thanks, Nicole Pituch (Fort Collins, CO)

    • Hey Nicole, thanks so much for the kind words. I definitely appreciate the nice feedback. One of my favorite speakers/authors is Guy Kawasaki–I just purchased his latest book called Enchantment which has some awesome ideas that I tried to incorporate in my presentation last night. He’s also a great presenter and has some excellent YouTube videos up as well if you’re interested.

      As far as the future of tech goes… it’s going to be pretty interesting to say the least. Maybe in the future the “new tech” will be “less tech”. Who knows! Can’t be good for our brains to be so dependent on tech (but I still love it).

      I sent you the info you need to claim your free account! Thanks for attending and again for the nice comments!

      • Thanks so much for the! And thanks for the book suggestion, I will definitely get it. You did a great job with your presentation. I will be keeping in touch and viewing your site often. Great to meet you…..

  • Chris,
    It was great hearing you speak last night at the NAPO event! I was thoroughly impressed with your ability to not only give us a lot of useful tech tools but also make it so succinct. I hope you book some more speaking events because you are good at it!

    Regarding the giveaway, I would choose MindMeister. I am inherently a systems guy. I use process maps in every aspect of my business from booking a job, to business development and sales, to how-to WOW a client. They are extremely useful and I have been searching for a new platform my mindmaps. I like the minimalist design (just like WorkFlowy!) and the smooth, Apple-like asthetics.

    Thanks again for sharing your tech knowledge with us and I wish you the best in the future!

    – Nathaniel, owner of College Hunks Hauling Junk Denver

    • Hey Nathaniel! Thanks man, I appreciate the nice words. You seem like you’re pretty “with it” when it comes to tech stuff already! Hopefully there were a few things you hadn’t heard of yet. Check your email for your free access code to MindMeister. Hope it works good for you.

  • Hi Chris. Really enjoyed your presentation yesterday evening and my 15 year old daughter loved the apps you presented too. Missed your deadline but am leaving a comment anyways. Maybe we can have you back next year for another presentation as new apps are always being developed and who knows where our event will be held then, probably another cool location. Remember NAPO Colorado for your organizing need as your business grows, we have a lot of people who help new businesses get organized.

    Love learning about all the new tech tools available.


    Diana (Denver, CO)

    • Hi Diana, so glad you and your daughter made it! I’d love to come back again–it seems like new apps are coming out every day (I’ve already seen a few I could have included last night). If you want a free copy of MindMeister, let me know! We still have one left to give away at this point…

  • Chris…
    Just finished a full day conference, thus the late reply. Thank you for the wealth of information that you shared last night! This morning someone asked me to recommend a program to store passwords and I looked like a rock star! More and more of my clients are looking for apps to get them organized and I really appreciate the arsenal of products that you provided!
    Sarah Gabriele
    P.S. I’d love a copy of MindMeister if I’m not too late!

    • Hey Sarah, that’s awesome! So glad you were able to use something so quickly from the presentation! Thanks for letting me know. Please check your email for your access key to MindMeister!

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