Pur Lightning Cable Review

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If you’re still using the official Apple Lightning cable that came with your iPhone or iPad, it’s time to upgrade. I can say that for a fact after using the Pur Lightning Cable for a couple of months now because it’s become, hands-down, my favorite lightning cable. In fact, it’s the best Lightning cable I’ve ever tried.

This is going to be a short and sweet article because there’s just not a lot to say other than this cable is designed to fix two incredibly annoying problems that everyone who’s ever owned an Apple phone encounters. One, it’s really strong and durable so it won’t get twisted and eventually break. Two, it’s tangle free — you’ll never have to un-knot this cable. For $8.99 I’d recommend this as a must-buy for all iPhone and iPad owners. In fact, when you upgrade your phone, just buy this cable along with it.

I really like the look of this cable and it comes in several different colors and designs to match either your phone or personality. The aluminum casing and the braided nylon are an awesome combo and are what give this lightning cord it’s magical properties.

So if you’re looking for a replacement Lightning cable, a stronger Lightning cable, a Lightning cable that will never get tangled or a Lightning cable that has more style than the official Apple cable, this is definitely an accessory worth spending your money on.

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