Pure Awesome: Secure Self-Desctructing Messages

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The NSA is spying. A lot. It’s their job. But it’s making people seek a bit of privacy amid the personal info black hole that the Internet has become. If you’re looking for a great way to securely share messages that aren’t going to become a permanent fixture/record, you’re going to love SecretInk from the makers of PowerInbox. Let’s say you want to share a link of family photos, but you don’t want everyone on Facebook prying into your personal life… SecretInk to the rescue.

During early beta testing, we were using a service to record people’s reactions to the product as they used it. One of the testers was going through the initial SecretInk walk through and he got to the part about sending secret sms messages. He yelled downstairs to his wife and said he was going to try something out on her phone, then sent her the message. You could hear her in the background checking it then she said “Oh neat, it’s in a little envelope.” Then she clicked open and saw the countdown fuse burn down and the message explode then burst into laughter and said “Oh my god! It exploded!”. The tester chuckled and said to our recording “I guess she liked it”. We knew we were on to something at that point.

Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox, says, “With all of the NSA and Google account access news, we wanted a way to send messages to each other and KNOW that they are not viewable by 3rd parties. As we developed SecretInk, we used it internally to help share passwords and account information. This got easier as the product developed and solved our initial need and then some. After we got the secrecy covered, we wanted to make it more fun and added the envelope and smoke effects. The team has developed many consumer products in the past and knew adding the fun touches would pay off. Plus we just thought they were cool.”

He continues, “We’re covering the cost of sending SMS messages because we believe traditional text messaging is VERY insecure and we want people to be able to send messages securely and for free. With SecretInk, people from any country can send an SMS to our large list of supported countries, securely, instantly and for FREE.”

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