A Messaging App for Groups of College Students

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Messaging apps are everywhere and college students use messaging apps by the quad-load. It only makes sense that someone would develop a messaging app just for them. Quad is the first group chat app for college students that lets up to 500 people communicate, plan and get things done more efficiently than conventional email lists. To the quad!

Aside from helping students on campus communicate better, Quad is proud of the broader impact it is having on the world. Founder Matthew Murphy explains: “The biggest impact that Quad has made on the lives of college students is when we partnered with Penn State University’s Dance Marathon (THON). THON is a huge competition at Penn State where the students work together to raise millions of dollars for children’s cancer research. We found that communication amongst these student groups was flawed and they needed a better way to communicate and organize themselves to reach their goals. Through a partnership with Quad, we were able to help the Penn State groups communicate better and mobilize themselves to break all of their fundraising records! Knowing that students are using Quad to make an impact on children’s cancer research makes us all feel great!”

You know we like Easter eggs here at DailyTekk and Quad doesn’t disappoint. There are many hidden throughout the app but one that students find fun is the shake emoji dice game, which is being used for all different types of college social games.

Quad was inspired by summer interns who told the team how important groups were to their college experience. When Matthew and his team dug a bit deeper, they found that all of these groups (Fraternities, sports teams, academic clubs, etc…) were still using email as their main form of communication.”What’s funny is that college students hate email and think its their Dad’s form of communication,” says Murphy, who proceeded to ask the interns an obvious question: “Why don’t you use chat apps to talk with your groups,” to which they replied there weren’t any on the market that could handle over 50 people in a group.

That’s when Murphy set out to build Quad to allow these large college groups to chat on their mobile devices and make things happen on their campus. Quad is the only group chat app that can easily and efficiently handle large conversations with up to 500 people. Through the use of Topics, members of a group can break off into side conversations and not annoy the other members of the group with countless notifications.

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