Dribbbling: An Interview With Illustrator and Character Designer Rachel Alderson

I’ve become fascinated by Dribbble over the last couple years. If your live in any way intersects with the design/advertising/creativity worlds then there’s a good chance you know what Dribbble is. For those that don’t, it’s “show and tell for designers.”

But Dribbble is more than that. It’s a very exclusive community. Every designer who showcases their work on the site has been invited to do so—a person can’t “just join” and start uploading their work. There are strict standards which means the site is 1.) very hard to get onto as a designer (even talented designers sometimes wait years for an invite) and 2.) very high-quality work.

Dribbble is used to source creative work (hire talented designers) and to get exposure (find work). Average everyday people can also use the site for inspiration, to see what’s trending and stay current and to take a break from whatever else they’ve got going on that day.

But at it’s heart, Dribbble is a technology product… which means I am well within my rights to cover it here on DailyTekk. To delve deeper into what Dribbble is all about, I connected with an artist who has a presence on the site. Her name is Rachel Alderson and she was nice enough to answer a few interview questions for me. Enjoy!

Tell DailyTekk a bit about yourself.

I am a freelance illustrator and character designer specializing in monsters and creatures. I am massively inspired by adventure video games and animated children’s films and hope to one day be a visual development artist in the same industries. I also own my own clothing company at www.monstertrunkcollectabes.bigcartel.com

You’re on Dribbble. How has that affected your design career? 

Obviously Dribbble is full of really talented and successful designers so it’s a massive confident boost to be a part of it. It’s also a great place to see work in progress shots of designers work and get an insight into their process.

Other than Dribbble, where does your personal design inspiration come from? 

On the internet I get inspiration mainly by following artists I like on social media sites. But my main inspirations come from books I have that show the behind the scenes design work and processes of animated films.

How do you think the design world has changed over the last half-decade? 

I think the design world has evolved massively over the past 5 years mainly through the use of being able to share work online. Freelance illustration and design has become more and more popular and has now reached the point where employers search the internet themselves for talent on sites like Behance, Dribbble and DeviantArt.

In your opinion, what makes a designer a success? 

Someone who makes a living creating work that they are most passionate about and enjoys doing it!

What is your favorite type of project to work on and why? 

Anything that involves weird monsters or creatures, especially when it’s up to me to create them. I love being able to use my imagination and inspirations from my childhood to create a character in my own way. I also really enjoy creating maps for some reason!

Who is your favorite designer and what do you admire about them? 

Creaturebox, that’s an easy choice! They are the character designers who worked on The Ratchet and Clank franchise. Everything they churn out is unreal, they have such an awesome style and know exactly how to get the right lights, shadow and textures.

What kinds of work are you open to at the moment?

I’m up for all kinds of projects right now as I enjoy a challenge and still have many types of projects I’ve never worked on! However my favorites are visual development, character design, editorial, 2D game design and apparel design.

What else should people know about you? 

I’m a big animal lover and rescue pet rats, I currently have 12 and 1 hamster! I plan to create various projects in the future to raise awareness about animal cruelty and to raise money for animal and nature conservation projects.

What are a few favorite pieces?