Radar: ‘Instant Lab’ for iPhone Polaroids + More

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Instant Lab: The New Polaroid Experience for Your iPhone

The Verge turned me onto a new Kickstarter project called Instant Lab today. Looks interesting. It will print photos from your iPhone, Polaroid-style. If you like printing photos and hate using your own printer (expensive ink) or going to the nearest Walgreens or waiting for delivery from a site like Snapfish… this could be pretty cool. Especially if you are into Instagram. In the past we’ve covered a few other really cool ways to print your Instagram photos as well. Be sure to check out our article on how to get successfully funded on Kickstarter as well.

HP Spectre One: Like a Tablet on a Stand

For non-Apple all-in-one computer fans, HP’s new lineup of 8 new machines with NFC and touch screens may be for you. The Spectre One looks to me like a giant tablet on a stand. It’s 23.6-inch screen is only 0.45 inches thick and is meant to be a top-of-the-line machine and starts at $1,299. For that price, I’d still get a Mac, but hey, you are free to make your own decisions! Via All Things Digital.

Tabeo, The Toys ‘R’ Us Tablet for Kids

Toys ‘R’ Us is creating it’s own kid friendly tablet according to VentureBeat. My question is why (I like to ask that a lot)? It’s Android powered and will cost around $149… and get this; big features include:

  • Games such as Angry Birds and Cut The Rope (and 48 more)
  • Built-in parental controls
  • That’s about it

It’s called the Tabeo. Amazon Kindle’s and Apple iPads can basically offer the same functionality through apps… now if the games come preloaded, I guess you might be saving some money there.

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