Radar: Is Apple’s CEO Starting to Slip? (Animated GIFs, Naked iPhones)

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Ready for another daily tech update? Here’s what’s on the radar today:

  1. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, appears to be de-Steving the company. That’s a bad thing.
  2. Animated GIFs: sometimes funny, always pointless. It’s the trend that won’t die.
  3. The agonizing decision of whether or not your iPhone should wear a case or go naked.

Is Apple’s CEO Starting to Slip?

So, Apple is developing a smaller 7 inch iPad as you have likely heard. I’d like to know why. Is Apple just worried about competing at a lower price point to duke it out with the new Amazon Kindle models? If so, they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t buy one. A smaller iPad just isn’t necessary. Its superfluous. The last thing I want to see is Apple’s product lineup getting bloated again. Why would Apple start copying Android devices now? I’m a bit worried about where Cook is steering Apple. Someone needs to be able to say no, even to ideas that seem like they might be great and someone needs to be able to understand consumers on a deep level like Steve Jobs used to be able to do. I always thought Tim would be a great manager and not necessarily a big visionary and I’ll be fine with that… until he starts tweaking existing products in bad or unnecessary ways. Apple was great for a reason. Steve was a fanatic. He started trends, not followed them. If Apple releases a smaller iPad, will it be the end of the company? No. They will continue to rake in billions of dollars for years to come… but they will do it like Microsoft did with Windows, by living off of a legacy and not by thriving on innovation. Do you think Apple has any business producing a smaller iPad?

Animated GIFs: The Trend That Won’t Die

Call them animated GIFs or call them cinemagraphs–I don’t care. They are everywhere. Sometimes they are funny, but honestly I think they are pretty annoying most of the time. I’ve seen numerous startups popping up in this space. There’s Cinemagram (the service that lets you easily animate your photos), GIFYO (like Twitter or Instagram, but with animated GIFs), glmps (an iPhone app that captures a short movie before you take a picture) and GifBoom (make animated GIFs from your iPhone or Android and add filters). I have to say, I think this is a fad that will go away after a little buzz because short animated GIFs simply don’t serve a useful purpose. Nobody needs them. Plus, if you stare at a GIF long enough trying to figure out what is happening… you just might go insane. How do you feel about GIFs? Want more or had enough?

Is Your iPhone Naked?

Have you ever seen Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee? It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s latest creation. In a recent episode he makes fun of a guy for using a case on his iPhone instead of “going naked.” Jerry, I should point out, could easily buy any number of new iPhones if he broke one, so… not really the same for normal people. Do you use a case for your iPhone? I do. I didn’t always. The thing is, using a case covers up the beautiful, sleek, slim design of your phone. Sure, it offers protection (I’ve certainly seen a few cracked screens in my day) and some even enhance functionality (extra battery life, ability to read credit cards, pockets, etc.)… but what is “right” and what is “wrong” when it comes to using an iPhone case? To go naked or not, that is the question. Are cases dorky? Are they a must-have? I want to know what you think!

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