Radar: Tech Titan Mansions, Obama Social Media, Samsung Stupidity

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Here’s what’s on my radar today:

Tech Titans With Respectable-Sized Homes

Bill Gates’ home

If there is one thing I find appealing about those fortunate enough in Silicon Valley and the tech world in general to make a lot of money, it’s self control. I came across this article detailing 25 tech moguls and their mansions and I have to say Kudos to Marissa Mayer and Mark Zuck whose homes, while certainly not cheap, are not over the top. Marissa, for instance, lives in a house that sports just over 5k square feet and I have to say it doesn’t look all that mansiony. Zuckerberg’s house is obviously very nice as well (at over $7 million in value), but it is nothing compared to what others on the list are living in. Larry Ellison owns an entire Hawaiian island, for instance. While we’re at it, I always liked the fact that Steve Jobs lived in a pretty normal neighborhood (once he was married). People will self control seem more reliable, more dependable. People who go nuts and buy over the top houses and cars and such don’t seem like they are in it to build a great product…. they just want the money.

Obama Stole Romney’s Thunder on Social Media (for Free)

While Romney was at the RNC basking in the spotlight, team Obama took a few well-crafted shots via social media that landed pretty big. Regardless of your political views, you can’t deny that Obama understands social media better than anyone else in politics right now. He took to Reddit for 30 minutes, tweeted a humorous response to Clint Eastwood and released a White House recipe. Wow, those were simple and cost effective ways to get some attention. For more analysis, check out the original article.

Samsung Strands Bloggers (and Makes Plenty of Enemies)

So apparently Samsung is in the business of stranding bloggers in far away places. This is just bizarre and unthinkable. As a blogger myself, I find that I am very angry with Samsung. Essentially, they offered to bring some Indian bloggers to an event in Europe and pay for their hotel and travel expenses. The bloggers were told they could report independently, but upon arrival were coerced into manning a Samsung booth. When they rebelled saying that wasn’t what they were promised, Samsung told them to find another way home. That’s just wrong. I’ve been seeing a lot of famous bloggers retweet this one… hopefully they can pressure Samsung into reformation.

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