Readmill: Social Reading for Smartphones

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I enjoy reading a lot (when I have time). I’ve read plenty of ebooks from start to finish on my iPad/iPhone. I’m actually a pretty big iBooks fan. I like it a lot, but it’s not social. That’s where Readmill comes in. You can highlight and share passages from your reading with the community at large or through social channels. While you are reading, you can also view the highlights of others. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Readmill also gives you some interesting stats like how fast you finish books and how much reading time you have left. Another great feature? Free! There are a bunch of great free ebooks within Readmill.

Like I said, the social aspect is pretty cool and interesting people make use of it. Readmill founder Henrik Berggren explains, “One of our users recently read Nick Bilton’s new book Hatching Twitter and highlighted a passage about hashtags which sparked a discussion about how they came to be. All of a sudden Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag, joined the discussion and explained how it actually went down. The original reader was blown away and the coolest thing is that all readers of that book can now find out exactly what happened, straight from the source.”

Henrik explains how the idea for Readmill came about: “When the iPad was introduced by Apple, my co-founder David and I were super-excited that we were now able to read ebooks in a new and connected way. We were extremely disappointed when it turned out to be only text on a screen, a fake wooden bookshelf and 3D page curls… We started designing a way to share and recommend ebooks and built a simple reader as a demo and people started loving it saying they did not want to use any other app for reading.”

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