Review: BubbleShield Reusable Waterproof Sleeve for Smartphones

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bubbleshield-smartphoneWater and phones don’t traditionally mix (and hopefully you didn’t have to learn that the hard way); until now, that is. The BubbleShield reusable waterproof sleeve for smartphones opens up new worlds of possibility for smartphone power users; just think, now you can relax in the bath while watching Netflix without fear of losing your phone in a watery grave. If you are looking for a solution that will protect your phone from the elements AND keep it usable at the same time, the BubbleShield may be right up your ally.

Using the BubbleShield is incredibly simple–take it out of the box, insert phone, seal (tightly) and your done; ready for use. And I do mean use–what’s cool about the BubbleShield is that is doesn’t just protect your phone from crashing rapids, rain or spilled Dr. Pepper; you can still use the phone while it is in the sleeve! That is the BubbleShield’s killer feature (protection + utility).

First I’ll talk about the protective capabilities of the BubbleShield. My test case scenario was dunking an iPhone wrapped in the BubbleShield into a large bowl full of water. As advertised, there were absolutely no leaks; when I took the phone out of the pouch, it was as dry as a bone and worked beautifully. I decided to be a daredevil and skip the warning to, “Water test the product before putting your device in the product.” Luckily I had no issues, but I have to admit to a bit of nervousness before the phone dove like a submarine because the sleeve’s plastic material is not very thick; I suppose it must be this way in order for a person to use the screen while protected. The case has a nice hole in the upper left for attaching a carabiner or string/strap to keep it on hand for easy access or to make sure your device doesn’t get lost underwater.

iPhone wearing a BubbleShield submersed in a big bowl of water.
iPhone wearing a BubbleShield submersed in a big bowl of water.

Using your device while in the sleeve works pretty darn well. I was surprised. In fact, it is so sensitive that as I immersed the phone slowly into the bowl full of water, the water pressing against the material pressing against the string actually inadvertently selected a tweet while I had the Twitter app open. Needless to say, it isn’t hard at all to press a finger onto the screen through the sleeve to swipe, tap or type. In other words, it works really, really well. The only buttons that become basically inaccessible are the ones on the side and top (power, volume). If you plan on doing any photography while using the BubbleShield, you’ll want to make sure to line your device’s camera up with a pre-placed “hole” in the sleeve’s design (essentially a clear area right where the camera would be). This will prevent any unwanted lines showing up on your photos/videos.

Yep, it works.
Yep, it works.

I can think of a few different situations in which this accessory would come in very handy. Most practically, the BubbleShield can protect your smartphone from the rain which could come in handy at an outdoor event (your kids soccer game, for instance). Of course, anyone wanting to take a photo or video underwater can use the BubbleShield to do just that; say at a swim meet or by placing a phone in an aquarium to capture life as a fish (just saying, you could). Daredevils such as kayakers, white water rafters or even surfers might find the BubbleShield useful as well.

The BubbleShield is one of those things that you would like to have on hand but often don’t. The nice thing about it is that it is so compact it can travel well in your messenger bag or purse and be there when you really need it. For people who are smart enough to plan ahead in life or play MacGyver, this may be a must-have accessory.

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