Review, Coverage and Sponsorship Policy

Companies may send units, products or samples to our staff for review, coverage or sponsorship. By doing so those companies agree to abide by the terms and conditions stated here. DailyTekk alone will determine whether or not the items will receive coverage. We do not accept any units, products or samples on any preconditions, such as, that we will agree to provide a review of the product in any way, shape or form. By sending us a unit, product or sample or by otherwise entering into a business agreement with DailyTekk, you understand that at our sole discretion we may terminate a review, sponsorship or any other form of coverage at any time and for any reason. DailyTekk will alone determine whether or not a refund will be issued. Additionally, units, products or samples sent to DailyTekk will not be returned unless agreed upon in writing before such items have been sent or before any payments have been made. Neither does DailyTekk warrant that any item we do return (including it’s packaging) will be in any certain condition. DailyTekk will never be responsible for shipping costs of any units, products or samples sent for review, coverage or sponsorship. If a company decides to send us a sample or product before it becomes commercially available we may agree to an embargo meaning we won’t publish a review or other form of coverage until a specified time. Much of the time our staff will review or cover a product that was not provided to us by a company. DailyTekk is happy to receive pitches for possible reviews though pitching us does not mean we will review or cover your product or company.