Review: Divoom Bluetune-Pop Ultra-Compact Bluetooth Speaker

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bluetune-Pop 4 colorsIf you are looking for a small Bluetooth speaker that delivers a big punch then look no further than the Bluetune-Pop by Divoom. As CES 2013 gadgets lay piled up in my office awaiting review, I have to admit I was putting off checking out this speaker as I didn’t expect all that much but oh how wrong I was. Make no mistake: this thing rocks.

The sound coming from this little Bluetooth speaker is very impressive; it gets louder and richer than you would imagine a speaker of this size ever could. Personally I was blown away (literally) when I first fired it up–the volume on my device (paired with an iPhone) was cranked to 11, just because that it where it always is (I prefer to control volume inline or using the paired device as opposed to my iPhone itself). I believe the very first thought that went through my head when the music started to play was, “Dang!” followed closely by, “How do I turn it down?” That’s how loud it gets. If you are within a few feet of the speaker when something loud comes on, beware! Needless to say, it can get loud.

Apart from it’s tiny size, the big feature of this speaker is it’s ability to “pop” up or down, thus enabling or disabling the extra bass capabilities. When popped up, the speakers sound gets much richer and fuller and yes the bass is more noticeable–but don’t expect it to knock your socks off. Considering it’s minuscule size, the sound when popped is GREAT. I am more than impressed. That said, the popping mechanism doesn’t work quite as good as it could–you have to press it just right to get it to pop down, but that is easily learned and for the most part you will plan to have it popped up.

The Divoom Bluetune-Pop is small but has a nice big sound--plus, it looks a bit like a UFO, so what's not to like?
The Bluetune-Pop is small but has a nice big sound–plus, it looks a bit like a UFO, so what’s not to like?

This device’s controls are utterly minimal. To some people, that is a great thing. I’m usually in that boat, but I do long for one extra feature:  I wish there were volume controls on the device itself so I didn’t have to mess with turning the volume up or down from my iPhone, but that is a pretty small nag. Other than that I applaud the simplicity of the Bluetune-Pop; it does one thing and it does it quite well.

An adult can easily hold this round little speaker in the palm of their hand; it’s about the diameter of a baseball, perhaps slightly smaller. It’s also light as a feather. The form factor is sleek and fun and looks a bit like a UFO. To charge the device via USB, you must have the speaker popped up which will reveal a little mini-USB port. The USB cord that comes with the Bluetune-Pop is a bit short (maybe 2 feet in length) which is fine for charging. The cord also has an audio-in jack in case you want to use the speaker with a non-Bluetooth enabled device. While my review device was a nice black color, there are also a few other color options to choose from such as white, red and purple.

This speaker could come in handy in a number of situations. Obviously, a traveler, a picnicker or sales person doing an impromptu presentation or pitch could make the Bluetune-Pop their new best friend because of it’s compact size, light-weight and surprisingly powerful audio punch, but I don’t think that sums up the full range of use by any means. This speaker is good enough to use in your office if you want to listen to music while you work or around the house as well. Most people have their best speakers in the living room hooked up to their TV sets, so it could be great to keep in the kitchen, for instance, to liven up a cooking session.

The best thing about the Bluetune-Pop is simply the sound. It’s small, but very loud.

In the box you will get the speaker, a cord and some basic instructions.

Price: $39.99
Available: Now
Buy: Divoom

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