Review: GoSmart 200 Series Freedom Stylus Works Great for Precision Tablet Writing

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I’m the artistic type; a graphic designer by trade/schooling who constantly sketches out big ideas and I just found a great stylus to compliment my drive: the GoSmart 200 Series Freedom Stylus. It looks and feels like a pen (except for the tip, duh) and works as advertised: it writes smooth and precise. If you are a person who enjoys writing but has yet to fall in love with writing on a tablet, a constant sketcher like me or an artist of any shade, the 200 series from GoSmart is worth a look.

Using the 200 series stylus from GoSmart is as close to writing with a pen on a tablet as I have come (I tested this with an iPad using the Paper app). Once you get over the interesting spring-like tip (where you are used to seeing a point–and which doesn’t take long at all), writing with the stylus is pretty decent. If you are looking for an experience that is 100% like paper, I don’t think ANY stylus/tablet combination offers that just yet, but you can certainly write much finer and with far more precision that if you used a finger or a rubber-tipped stylus. Using the 200 series allows you to do a few things you can’t do with a finger very easily like write smaller, write in cursive and sketch/draw fine lines accurately.

A sample of writing using the GoSmart 200 Series Freedom stylus.
A sample of writing using the GoSmart 200 Series Freedom stylus.

The pen-styled stylus has a nice weighty feel to it making it seem like a premium product–something worth paying for. When you grip it you will be gripping a nice metal surface with just the right amount of texture for grip that maintains a nice smoothness about it at the same time. The cap allows you to clip the stylus to a pocket or perhaps an iPad case just like you would a “real” pen. The stylus I tested came with a black cap, but there is a patriotic assortment of additional colors available to choose from including red, white and blue.

This pen stylus is ideal for anyone who yearns to write on their tablet as naturally as possible. It is also ideal for artists or engineers who need to be more precise and accurate in their projects. Would you want to write an entire book with is? Probably not, but would you want to write notes for a class or add a handwritten note in Evernote? Sure.

The best thing about this stylus is it’s conventionality. It look, feels and acts like a pen but happens to work with a tablet. As the world continues to evolve and become more technologically-driven, new interfaces seem to be designed with old habits in mind; in any case, old habits die hard. People are used to writing with pens (if they do any writing these days). You certainly can’t draw with a keyboard. My previous stylus of choice was a wider, rubber-nosed stylus which looked really cool when I ordered it but was only good for “painting” apps. This stylus is functional and perfect for a business person.

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