Review: Impecca Bamboo Keybaord and Mouse

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Want to spice up your workspace while sparing the rainforest? The Impecca wireless bamboo keyboard and mouse combo set will help PC-based designers and the eco-conscious do just that. While this keyboard isn’t for everyone, those that are looking for a solid bamboo keyboard will find a lot to like here.

The most notable feature of this keyboard and mouse set is that they are made from bamboo which is a very sustainable material because it can grow back very quickly and doesn’t require much water or vast resources to grow; thus, bamboo products are very earth friendly because they don’t eat up other, more valuable, resources such as wood or metal (and won’t contribute to the plastic mess floating around in the ocean).

While the inner workings of this combo set do contain some metal (of course, it must), the bamboo veneer looks pretty nice and can really make your office stand-out from that of your co-workers or add a touch of high design to your workspace. It can be a bit hard to see the labels on the keys, but trained typists (i.e. everyone these days) will have no problem banging out an email, report or blog post. They keyboard keys don’t feel clunky and respond pretty well, though it’s not as smooth to use as the Apple keyboard I am used to. That actually brings up another point… this keyboard is made for a PC. Since I don’t have any PCs laying around to test this with, I paired it with my Mac (which works just fine, but it’s a tad bit annoying having to remember that the Windows key works as Command key and I don’t like the Internet Explorer icon staring at me from just above the number keys). The mouse looks and works just fine and I appreciate the attention to detail that I found even as I opened the mouse case to put in a couple of AAA batteries; the battery compartment stays shut with a couple of tiny magnets. I do, however, wish that the keyboard could tilt up a bit more in the back, but that is a small complaint.

Both the keyboard and the mouse feel solid and sturdy and both have quite a bit of weight to them compared to the non-bamboo keyboard and mouse you are most likely used to using. I don’t mind that; it gives it a premium feel and makes you feel like you are paying for something solid as opposed to something plastic and cheap.

This keyboard would best suit the environmentalist or the designer, but probably not the everyday user. You are going to buy this for looks and to feel good about supporting a renewable resource. So, for both of those to types of people, this could make a good present; the only little issue for designers might be that many designers use Macs.

The best feature, by far, is the look and feel of this set. It’s cool and solid. Buyer beware: no batteries come included so you may want to have some AAAs laying around and ready to go so you aren’t stuck when it arrives.

Price: $99.95
Available: Now
Buy: Impecca

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  • Preciosos el teclado y el ratón. Además la sensación de pulsar las teclas tiene que ser muy agradable. Gracias por este Post!! Un saludo.-

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