Review: POP Bluetooth Retro Handset by Native Union

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photoFor those wanting to up the style ante or people who miss the good ol’ days when phones had rotary dials and curved handsets with the curly cord, the POP Bluetooth retro handset by Native Union may offer a welcome change of pace. Additionally if you are concerned about radiation hitting your head from their cell phone, this handset can provide peace of mind.

The POP Bluetooth retro handset looks and feels great, though there is room for a lot of improvement in the call quality department. The first caller I tested this handset on immediately asked if they should call back because I was coming through choppy. Test after test, I could hear people just fine but they seemed to have a bit of difficultly hearing what I had to say. The product I received for review had clearly been opened and used before, so it may be possible that it had been treated badly and thus had lackluster performance. The handset itself has 3 buttons on it’s underbelly: power/answer/hangup and volume up and down. The retro-ness continues with a retro ring–when your iPhone is connected the handset does the ringing. Note: you can also connect this receiver with an iPad.

The design is just like the handset of a retro rotary dial minus the base and cord (actually a rotary-style cord does come included but is only used to charge the phone via USB). It’s very lightweight (I’d almost prefer a bit more heft, actually). The handset is made of a nice plastic (color choices are black, red and blue) that has a soft velvety touch/feel. In the box you’ll also find a rectangular felt cloth which you can put on a desk or surface to “hold” the receiver when not in use.

What I like best about this handset is it’s concept. If people could hear me better I’d use this all the time: it’d be convenient to simply leave my phone in my pocket.

Setup was a breeze with no instructions necessary. Regardless, a nice instructional booklet is provided as are some stickers and the aforementioned USB cord for recharging.

Price: $49.99
Available: Now
Buy: Native Union


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