Review: Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Apple Watch Band from Ultra Case

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Growing up I thought of watches as metal. To me, there weren’t any other kinds of watches (at least none that were cool). I knew that Rolex made watches with metal bands and so did Fossil (which the kids around my school had chosen as the brand of choice). Fast forward to 2015 and watches comes in all kinds of varieties. Swatch, for example, has myriad watch bands and colors to choose from. And the Apple Watch, which came along and changed watches as we know them, debuted with a Sport model that was composed of fluoroelastomer.

I, like many people who wanted an Apple Watch at the most affordable price, went with the Sport model thinking I’d switch out bands here and there for new looks. I’ve tested several third party Apple Watch bands to date but until recently I hadn’t yet tested a metal band.

The Ultra Case Stainless Steel Link Bracelet band for Apple Watch arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I had it out of the package and onto my wrist within a few minutes. That means that this band is easy to install.


Unlike some third party Apple Watch bands, this stainless steel band from Ultra Case slides into place smoothly. As smooth as it is, however, the band doesn’t fit exactly flush with the Apple Watch (at least not if you look closely); the sides stick out just a teeny tiny little bit where the band meets the Watch. It’s not a big deal, but it’s one noticeable way in which you can tell Apple’s own precision isn’t in the mix here.

The standout feature of this steel Apple Watch strap is the “seamless” clasp: when it’s fully secured on your wrist you can’t even tell there’s a clasp. So when it’s worn, the clasp is practically invisible and I like that a lot. It’s a great way to add a bit of flair to your Apple Watch setup.

The Ultra Case steel band is comfortable to wear. It’s not heavy, but it adds just the right about of weight to your wrist. I actually find that I like the added weight better than the lighter Apple Watch Sport band for everyday use (but not high-intensity activity, of course); it lets you know it’s there.


And I like the looks. Even with an Apple Watch that isn’t a stainless steel model ...

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