Review: Travelers’ Choice Headphones by Able Planet

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Travelers' Choice Headphones by Able PlanetIf you are looking for great headphones for under $100 that deliver great sound quality, come in a variety of bright colors and do a good job blocking out surrounding noise (without needing to pay for actual noise-cancellation technology), especially while traveling, the Travelers’ Choice headphones from Able Planet are a solid option.

These headphones sit comfortably on the wearer’s head and are easily adjustable. They have a fairly long cord which snakes out of the bottom of the left earphone, as do many headphones, which some people will like and some will not. Inline audio controls are a nice touch, work well and aren’t too bulky although they don’t include a mic or iOS-compatible forward/back/play/pause controls so you won’t be able to take a call or navigate through tracks on an iPhone without pulling out the device and swiping/tapping (basically my only gripe about these otherwise solid earphones, and a pretty minor one at that).

Priced at $80, these headphones sound great, especially for cans in this price range. From classical to rock to rap to spoken words (like an Audiobook or podcast talk show), these headphones deliver great value along with a great tonal range. Listening to a cello piece, as I am now while I write, provides a pleasant “deep” strings sound. At the same time, there’s nothing tinny about the sound produced while listening to something with a heavy beat and if the guitar is supposed to wail, it will do so with gusto.

When it comes to technology, I either like products very minimalist or very loud design–nothing in-between will do. In this case, over-the-ear headphones don’t exactly melt into the background, so I appreciate the bright color assortment. The review pair of Traveler’s Choice headphones I received is bright orange–a perfect compliment to my bright orange IKEA lamp and desk chair. It’s a pair of headphones that definitely makes a statement.

Quality-wise these earphones appear to be pretty sturdy and should give you a solid lifetime of use. That said, after just a few days of use the plastic molding/frame does produce a bit of “creaking” when adjusting the swivel ear cans, but it’s nothing structural and it certainly won’t detract from the product’s main purpose: delivering top-notch sound quality. While not noise-cancelling, the earphones do a good job of fitting snugly and comfortably on the ear forming a nice seal which does a nice job of blocking out noise around the listener (say on a plane).

As the name would imply, the Travelers’ Choice headphones are probably best suited to a traveler who will be listening to a long album or movie on a plane or in the passenger seat of a car as opposed to a business person listening to music while working. These headphones would be a great choice for kids as well, I would think, as they might still be listening to their music via an MP3 player as opposed to a phone.

Apart from the sound quality which is great (and should be for near-$100 earphones), my favorite feature is the color selection. If you are one of the many people who consider looks/fashion when purchasing headphones, the bright colors that are available will allow you to express your personality and make a statement.

Included in the box are, obviously, the headphones as well as a nice black carrying bag that will keep your headphones/cord neatly organized for storage or travel (they will pack up nicely).

Price: $79.99
Availability: Now
Buy: Able Planet

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