Revolv Makes Your Smart Home Even Smarter

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If you are a true gadget lover, you probably have some fun toys installed around the house (or wish you did). Gadgets like Sonos wireless speakers, Philips Hue WiFi lights and Belkin WeMo switches. All of these devices are awesome because they can be controlled from afar via a smartphone. What’s not cool is that they each are controlled through their own proprietary apps—until now. Allow me to introduce you to Revolv, a solution that unifies and simplifies home automation (or awesomation, as they put it). I realize this phrase is sadly overused, but now you can have one hub and one app to rule them all (at least to rule your roost).

People are already using Revolv in creative ways. A guy named Andy has a toddler who likes to get up to watch Curious George every morning. But at age 2, he does not yet have a concept of time. So, Andy put a Hue light bulb in the toddler’s room that turns green at 6:15 a.m. This way, the boy knows that it is time to wake up in order to catch is favorite show! Green for George!

Mike Soucie, a co-founder of Revolv, says the solution came about because he and his founder were experiencing the pain of having many connected home devices and wondering why they couldn’t work under a single application and provide more intelligent automation. As they explored and researched the market, they found there wasn’t an easy way to unify, connect, and control devices…. let alone intelligently automate them. Their goal is to craft, “A new lifestyle where technology seamlessly works around you to produce a more blissful state.” That’s a tall order, but it looks like they are well on their way.

You can tell a team is having fun building their product when they include an Easter Egg: “When you name a device or your hub a particular name of one of our staff members, the app will display his picture as the icon,” says Mike.

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