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Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games who was the part of “THE SIMS 3” engineering team at Electronic Arts (EA) headquarters in Redwood City, California. He has also held positions at Infosys Technologies, where he was also awarded Best Software Engineer award in 2006. Rohit holds Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science from Columbia University, New York and BE in Computer Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology (University of Pune).

More and more people are moving away from television when it comes to playing games and today the focus has shifted towards mobile. But to play games on television that utilize motion gaming, people today still need to buy expensive and dedicated game consoles accompanied by special sensor hardwares. We have been trying to figure out how can we get the best of both the worlds.

RoloMotion is a technology that uses the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer in the phone to precisely track its various movements allowing users to play games using natural motion gestures on television. It makes iPhone a complete portable living-room-console using Apple TV.

On mobile phones, tilt, tap and swipe is something we have become fond of and gamers have become comfortable with. It has many important elements but it also has come to dictate a lot of what goes into games. All games are made to fit one standard. Creativity is being restrained and the range of games is narrowing. Introducing new ways of playing games will broaden game design and experiences, and loosen creative constraints on game developers.

Rolocule Games is an award winning game development and research studio that has always introduced unique games with very intuitive gameplay on Apple App Store.

The question that we have asked ourselves right from the beginning – can we make even moms play tennis or badminton or even infinity blade using iPhone and create a complete home entertainment system? We love television and want to continue to play more games on it with natural gestures using iPhone without a need to buy a motion gaming console. Moreover, setting up consoles is a tedious process. And If you want to play your favorite games at your friend’s place, you also need to carry all your games with you.

With RoloMotion, you just connect your phone to television wirelessly using Apple TV and tap the game on your ...

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