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Rooly Eliezerov is President & Co-Founder of Gigya, which enables brands to understand and connect more closely with today’s mobile and socially connected consumers.


Gigya’s company motto is “not if, but how”, a concept that really is embedded in our culture. In my experience, it’s this mentality that distinguishes the great leaders from the average ones. For me, it means no problem is unsolvable, no product is unmakeable, and that innovation can always overcome failure.


We’ve made major strides in expanding internationally and that has been very important for our business. We’ve recently opened up or grown our offices in Europe, the US and Israel to capture the market demand for technologies like Social Login, Identity Storage, Social Plugins and Gamification.


Growth in my mind comes from both improving existing products and innovating beyond your core lineup of products. We’ve built out a full suite of technology that helps businesses create authentic relationships with their users and by offering all the technology “under one roof”, we’ve been able to grow very rapidly.


Last February, our Marketing team put together a Valentine’s Day stunt encouraging San Francisco tech employees to “break up with their jobs” and join Gigya. It was incredibly successful in not only bringing in dozens of candidates (some of whom now work for Gigya) but also helped increase our brand awareness.


Accountability is the biggest motivator, but it’s not just about quotas. For us, accountability goes beyond that and really revolves around the idea that every employee feels like they are building the company By empowering everyone in the company, they feel a responsibility to make Gigya mature in all areas, beyond just sales.


We simply hired a very good sales person with a ton of connections. The challenge was to get him to work with an early stage start up.


All companies go, a few times, through a point where everything seems to collapse with no way out. There is a way out. Don’t give up. All founders are sure to go through it. Expect it and you won’t be surprised.


It relates to recruiting. We found out that instead of hiring experienced people we can find extremely bright college graduates and have them become the future of our company. We hire many of them and let them grow in the company.


In our early days, we had the opportunity to meet with major stakeholders at Disney to discuss implementing our technology on their properties. I flew all the way from Israel just for that. I met our sales person in San Francisco to fly out to LA and meet with Disney. Our flight was delayed and we ended up in horrible LA traffic, finding ourselves less than a mile away from Disney, about to be late for this “make or break” meeting. So instead of waiting in traffic, I made a quick decision: to abandon the car right there. And this is what we did. We just left the car and went to the meeting. The guys at Disney wondered if we were ok with finding parking. It was easy, we said. The meeting went great and when it ended we went back to the car which was right there where we left it – on the side of the freeway.

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