Roost Is The Marketing Platform Publishers Can’t Ignore

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In the last few months, DailyTekk has amassed thousands of new subscribers. No, not email subscribers. Not Twitter or Facebook followers. Roost subscribers. If you are a website owner you need to install Roost RIGHT NOW. You will thank me profusely. I promise.

Roost is a web push notification platform. You know those notifications you see on your smartphone’s lock screen every time you get an email or an app wants to get your attention? Those are mobile push notifications. And they do a great job of sucking you into apps.

Roost does exactly that—but in the browser. You’ve probably seen a site that is using Roost already. A small box appears the first time you visit a site with Roost installed that asks if you’d like to receive a notification each time the site you have visited publishes a new story. Some sites allow you to subscribe to a certain category: like sports, tech or politics.

Then, when said site published a new article: boom, a notification appears in the top right of the screen (at least on a Mac, which I use and have seen Roost in action on). Roost has been working with Safari for quite awhile now and will soon work with Chrome.

If you own a website and are looking for an easy way to increase page views and attract more engaged visitors to your site—Roost is exactly what you want/need.

In the last 30 days DailyTekk has received 30-60 new Roost subscribers per day. Over the next 6 months, that means DT will have 5,400 to 10,800 new Roost subscribers. These numbers absolutely BLOW AWAY new social media followers.

It has taken DailyTekk a little over 3 years to reach nearly 4,000 Twitter followers. By contrast it took just a few months to reach 2,000+ Roost subscribers.

Roost is a professional tool that I think all social media managers need to be aware of. Even though it’s not really “social media” in that messages only go one way (from publishers to readers, and not vice versa), Roost does build community incredibly effectively.

My prediction is that Roost will be the very best way for blogs to get more traffic in 2015. Big blogs, small blogs—doesn’t matter. Roost works equally well for either. This is one service I’ve run into recently that can actually tangibly help grow an online audience.

One final word: I love Roost’s back-end. The analytics are awesome and make it easy to see registrations/new subscribers, notifications sent and actual clicks.

If you’re looking to make more money online, Roost can help there as well. It’s as simple as the more visitors you get, the more you can make from online ads.

Like I said, if you are a blogger (big or small) or brand, you need Roost. It starts at free to there’s absolutely no excuse.

Not using Roost is simply stupid. I’ll leave it at that.

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